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    Outdoor redfoot enclosure mister

    Thanks for posting. Rainy season is starting up where I live, but I NEED to do something like this for next dry season. Seems totally doable here. :)
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    Upcycled, $0.00 Outdoor Tortoise pens looks great. I LOVE upcycling!! Both of my tortoise enclosures were free (well, I did pay for some of the things *in* them...the water dishes / pools, but that's about it).
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    Brazilian Babes title. ever. And of course, they're beautiful. ❤️
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    My Paco, Redfoot Tortoise

    His shell is beautiful. And I know what you mean about measuring them. hahaha. It took both my daughter and I together, to get a decent measurement. Silly torts. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing!
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    Just got my Rescue Girl home!!

    You're too cute. Belle is my baby....I love her SO MUCH!! I love them all, of course...but I have the hugest soft spot for her. I live in a climate where they're outside year round, so it makes it very easy to care for the larger ones...I now have 4 adults, and LOVE watching them roam...
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    The way we were...

    RE: the new "what do you look like" thread Aww....I love the old pics. LOVE.
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    Newest Additions! (picture heavy)

    Thank you! They seem to be enjoying the yard....they have all been busy munching on grass and weeds all afternoon! :)
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    Purple People Eater .....

    I haven't been on here much in the last 2 months....and one thing I missed the most was seeing your pictures!! This purple guy is my favourite. :)
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    Newest Additions! (picture heavy)

    Thanks. I was kind of thinking female. I'm a little disappointed, as the lady was supposed to bring me 1 male and 2 females (not that I can complain, as they were given to me, free of cost). I realized after that she doesn't really know much about tortoises....she just has a bunch that she...
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    Newest Additions! (picture heavy)

    While I was at my last vet appointment with my injured yearlings, I had a chance encounter with a lady who has several adult redfoots, and was looking to downsize....she asked if I would be willing take some. Of course!! So today, I became the proud new owner of 3 more...
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    My Paco, Redfoot Tortoise

    Aww....he's so sweet!! And you're adorable! I love all the pictures! How long is Paco?
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    Attacked Tortoises Made it!! (with pics) was awful!! Seeing the bone was scary....and honestly, Hiccup looked so bad, I didn't think he was going to make it. Funny thing is, he healed more quickly because he's more of a fighter (I've actually had him separated from the other hatchlings for a long time, because he's a...
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    Attacked Tortoises Made it!! (with pics)

    Thanks everyone! I'm just so thankful everything turned out the way it did. :) .....that's exactly how it's going to be. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't sleep, knowing they were outside...even in a "predator proof" enclosure.
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    Attacked Tortoises Made it!! (with pics)

    Thanks! Pickles and Hiccup are missing all their front toes, and Hiccup is missing most of the his red spots, but they're still beautiful. <3
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    Attacked Tortoises Made it!! (with pics)

    Thank you. Yes...they're going amazing. And I agree...I'm pretty sure I'll still take them in at night, for peace of mind.