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    Best Breeder?

    I've purchased Greek hatchlings from Chris Leone (Garden State Tortoise), Randy Betz (Tortstork), and Andy Hermes (Arizona Tortoise Compound). All 3 are very reputable breeders who are passionate about what they do. If you want to see how my hatchlings from them have grown, check out my website...
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    Shell Help

    Looks like the usual "wear and tear" found on wild-caught tortoises that are imported and sold here. Nothing to be concerned about.
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    Horsefield tortoise help

    Tortoises are not fond of change so it takes them awhile to adjust to new surroundings. Keep soaking and offering fresh food every day. Your tortoise will come around when it's ready.
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    Tortoise ID

    Based on size and coloring, I would say Testudo graeca terrestris (Mesopotamian). Definitely a male.
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    Greek Tortoise Yearling For Sale

    Currently not shipping until temps cool down, so this is for pick-up only in Tucson, Arizona. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Price is $300 Firm.
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    Sub species ID help

    Subspecies appears to be ibera (Asia Minor) for both. Need better pics of the tails for gender. Both appear to be females, but additional angles would help. Both genders of this subspecies have a hinge in their plastron, but the female's is more flexible to allow for egg laying. Also, Greeks...
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    substrate/humidity issues

    Actually Russians need higher humidity when they are young, so don't let it dry out completely, keep it damp. As long as it's not soaking wet, it will be fine. Heat and humidity are important, and just provide a dry hide/area for the tortoise to go to should it choose.
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    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Almost 1.5 years old now and still dark! Thriving very well! 245 grams in weight, and 4.5" in size...
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    Tortstork Made History!

    Well, Tortstork's first "Instahatch" Egg is almost 2 years old now (July 31st). It has been confirmed to be a male, even though it was incubated to encourage female gender. Growing flawlessly!
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    What type of tortoise do I have?

    Your tortoise is definitely a Marginated tortoise. They have the triangle markings on their bellies. Greeks have random black spotting on their bellies. Also, there's no guarantee for gender, even if a breeder incubates at particular temperatures. I've purchased numerous hatchlings that were...
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    Looking for a reputable seller of Greek Tortoises

    I saw some older Greeks on Fauna Classifieds today. There is a male Northern Ibera available. Also a Golden Greek but that one literally sold within 15 minutes after that listing posted.
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    Looking for a reputable seller of Greek Tortoises

    Adults are hard to come by. Most breeders only have hatchlings available. I would recommend checking the "For Sale" thread on this Forum, as well as the Fauna Classifieds website.
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    Dark marking on shell is this something to be worried about?

    The Testudo graeca species has random black spotting on their bellies. One of the best ways to identify them from other species.
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    Shell Rot

    Looks to be a Testudo graeca terrestris. They have many locals, with some being more solid gold in color with very little black on their carapace.