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    a tale of two lovers...

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    Some of my Tortoises (old pics for now)

    theyre very nice your redfoot is beautiful! and big!
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    Sulcata Pics

    lovely sully!
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    My Radiated Tortoise photos

    Beautiful torotise! wonder why theyre called Radiated? anyone?? Reminds me of my daisy, he dare not move when people are close to him but when far he moves.
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    my Aldabras

    I agree with Wayne.bob there! beautiful
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    my Aldabras and their Mazuri

    Haha nice tortoises!
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    UVB Levels for Hermanns

    i use a 5.0 15w Reptiglo uvb strip light, and its changed every 6-8 months
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    if you have groups of two or more...

    I have 1 dish per 2 tortoises. I monitor them for 30 minutes, and i do it like this. 15 minutes per tortoise....this way i know they're eating the right amount. My tortoises rarely eat a full dish between them.
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    Yea, i agree. People in the old days use to oil and wax their tortoises. You shouldn't really be putting anything but clean warm WATER on their shells
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    How do you tell the age and sex of your Russian?

    without a hatch date its impossible to knwo their exact age. however going by size would be a wild guess.
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    Is it important to bring your Tortoise to the Vet? Or only if they are sick?

    yes, a regular check up is best. tortoises dont show emotion very much so they could be in pain, or sick and you wouldnt notice
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    do you wake 'em up?

    my babies usually wake up themselves, if they dont wake within 2 hours of their lights being on i wake them
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    Can you over feed russians?

    You can over feed ANY tortoise. Which would eventually cause Pyramiding, and if not taken into control it cna ruin a tortoises shell and body. You should only feed as much as they can eat within 20 mins.
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    Hermann's Tortoise Care Sheet discussion thread

    RE: Hermann's Tortoise Care Sheet Very good! How come a THH or THB cannot live together, even though theyre both hermanns?
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    Substrates HELP

    =] i'll use it and let you know how it goes