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    Considering another THH?

    oh, and I did decide to pass. they're almost all sold right now.
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    Considering another THH?

    I can fit a third tote in to the left, but that's it... from there, all I can go is up ;)
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    I'm so new ....

    welcome, VBgecko. nice looking greek.
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    Considering another THH?

    The enclosure is 70CM X 40CM and looks like this: my THH in now 8cm long, at 102g
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    Recommended Literature

    For this, that book is perfect. Check this out for growth rates in Hermann's.
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    Mazuri for Leopard?

    You might want to see these posts: cheers, T.
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    finally outside

    I love Pio and his super tub! ;)
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    Recommended Literature

    Have you checked this out:
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    Recommended Literature

    hello and welcome to the board. I'm currently reading 'Hermann's Tortoise, Boettger's and Dalmatian Tortoises: Testudo boettgeri, hercegovinensis and hermanni (Chelonian Library, Volume 2)'. My guess is if you found 'Practical Encyclopaedia of Keeping and Breeding Tortoises and Freshwater...
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    My greek pics

    Zephr & Zeus are fantastic!
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    what kind is this???

    wow.... how can you tell the gender?
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    Tortoise in the fish Pond

    amazing story. thank you for posting
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    How did you find TFO?

    RE: how did you find us? Link on a private message from Chris at Turtle Times
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    Big girl

    indeed, she is!