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    4 inch rule?

    I just want everyones opinion on this bogus 4 inch rule on turtle and tortoises especially Russians and stars.this law keeps the harvesting of wild young tortoises going and until it is removed we will all have to deal with the poor sick wild caught torts we see at local and chain pet stores.if...
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    Mushroom update

    Mine don't like button mushrooms or baby portabellas. but logrolling oyster, shitakki, and chantrels.seems to like the ones that grow out of rotting wood.my boxies will eat any shrooms and I mean any they lovem.
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    Have a question about my new baby!

    Pics love to see the little guy?were did u get him?verry normal. He also ate very good.
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    new tortoise

    I see he is in great hands you are going to love him wait till he comes running to ya.so cool.they love to dig.I set up some unground hides with plastic quart containers cut in half you no the ones you get wanton soup in.I run my Sink at 110 degrees f. And put my tortoises in my palm and let it...
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    Hatchlings in January? I think so!

    Pics?cant wait to see them.gives you something fun to work with over the long winter.I love that a bunch of new hatchlings to carefor that you helped breed.nothing better then that.
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    today is a great day!

    You no when the dog gives you that mean snarl when you try to take his bone away?my ebt would bite down so hard and wouldn't let go till I dropped the dead crow.by the way the crow got hit by a car then killed by a cat who was torturing near the boxies pen and dropped it in there when I chased...
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    Peanut looking adoreable

    He looks like a cross breed with a Herman's but those feet and head are definatly boxie.he can close up fully right? [hr] Lighter version of mom. You have a 1 of a kind there might be able to offer more I personally love the color and markings uniqueness allways catches my eye and wallet.
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    Petsmart and petco

    Don't support the sale of wild Russians buy from captive breeders and support the small breeder and small bruisinesses.this will stop the demand for wild coaght 4 inchers.buying them cause you feel bad even though you mean well supports the capture of live tortoises these big stores go buy...
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    You should invest in zoomed table.also you don't need the foil bad air circulation.otherwise everything is fine do you have pics of the settup
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    Do Russian tortoises smell?

    You're parents paid her to say that!lol all animals have some smell.they are just beeing nice to you.they smell %4%#* that that is why they say it doesn't smell.if they didn't smell it they wouldn't comment on it.lol
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    Russians vs Hermans

    I preffer Russians if purchased as captive raised hatchlings.I hats that they get trapped and sold In us petstores its cause of that stupid 4 inch rule if we got rid of that most stores will sell hatchlings maybe smacking the demand for 4 inchers dwindle down hatchlings are hard to find in the...
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    tortoise identification?

    Big old Russian tort!
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    new tort not looking too good

    Go and get zoo med reptile eye drops for that eye also get the liguid spray vitamins for his food he probably lacking vitamins especially vitamin A.or he has a eye infection so vitamins cant hurt.he also needs a vet.the guy who sold him to you should be ashamed of him self.he will need allot of...
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    new tortoise

    Wow!what a cute baby Russian.give him a nice warm bath and try to feed him 20 minutes after.you can wake him.I really like him I have 2 new hatchlings also.they become so personal like puppies.how big is his enclosure?do you have everything you need?.what kind of uvb light? Ambient temp?basking...
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    Tortoise for Dummys Follow up from yesterday (and pics!)

    Ha ha ha!Mr. Pickles I love that name!