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    Ghost is 5 years old today.

    53 lbs and looking like a champ!
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    Soooo many questions, indeed. The concept, scientifically speaking, seems sound to me, though I've never seen it performed this way on any chelonian. Like braces for teeth, I imagine this is going to need constantly adjusted. I don't imagine it's too comfortable for the tort. Shame it ever had...
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    It's a posting from Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital. "This is Otis the sulcata tortoise! His new owners brought him in for shell issues-pyramiding, shell too soft, and he was starting to have trouble using his rear legs because his shell has sunken (due to poor care before he was in...
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    Hello From Oota

    I built a greenhouse on my property for the sole purpose of growing my own tortoise food. I love to experiment with different greens throughout the year.
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    Anyone raise tarantulas?

    I guess I'd have lots of questions. What's a good beginner T? Best age to purchase? Arboreal vs. terrestrial? Best enclosure? Just like tortoises, the info is all over the map with these things. Not sure which to trust.
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    Anyone raise tarantulas?

    Sensitive in what respect?
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    Anyone raise tarantulas?

    Serious question I have here. I've been moderately arachnophobic for as long as I can remember. Would it be considered cruel if I bought a T for therapy?
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    What are you paying for HOME OWNERS insurance?

    I'm sure a lot of them started pulling out after Catrina.Too much risk I suppose. The decent ones that remain will charge out the arse.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Oh goody... another "cold weather" keeper!!! Welcome from Ohio!
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    Hey look

    But but but.... protein bad!!!! </end karen> lol
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    The Best Way To Raise A Sulcata, Leopard, Or Star Tortoise

    This is what I have the most difficult time convincing people of. Well, that and not allowing their dog(s) to treat them like a chew toy.
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    Welcome! Have you seen the care sheet for Russians yet?
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    Progress with the pond

    Been working a little on Ghost's pond. Ordered $400 worth of Rock on a Roll to hide the liner. Anxious to see the finished product!
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    this is why

    Ain't nuthin gonna stop a determined tort. lol. And that's what I call determination!