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    Urge to Escape

    If they are trying to escape the enclosure may be to small.
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    Red foot males

    I wish! I have two lady Redfoots of my own, but I'm in California:(
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    New red foot tortoise

    Very nice tort, I'm jealous! Haha :)
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    Frank Pics

    Haha I bet he's a friendly one
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    I think he should be ok as long as he doesn't like sleep in it or anything for a long period of time, depending on if Frank is a baby you might want to work on getting your humidity to like 80% and up I believe is the right number for babies. Your tort will be a hydrated one tho!
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    Cheddar's posts :) (pic heavy!)

    Haha he's a cool little fella
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    Need to give up adult male Redfoot in NJ

    I have a very nice sized yard maybe about 50-75 yards that I have fenced off for there home currently, I have a small group of females that would make your tort very very happy. They have each of there own things, houses to get away from eachother if that's what they want and there own...
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    New tortoise is she healthy

    How was there setup?
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    Is his shell healthy

    You should be ok. Is the shell strong?
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    New Member

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    pictures of our shelled family

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    I think Wilber likes feet...

    Hahaha he definatley likes feet then, what a friendly tort!
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    Some pics of my pair

    They are so amazing! Very cool.
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    Hello, New to this forum