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    New Juvenile Leopard Tort Table

    Take a closer look. The CHEs are pointing down, not up. If you look at the video, you will see that the "ceiling" is actually two lids that are hinged along the back side and open from the front, allowing easy access to the torts inside. Alan
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    New Juvenile Leopard Tort Table

    It is three feet deep by six feet wide by 20 inches tall. Total of three, 24" lights (outer two fixtures will use UV bulbs during the winter). Four CHEs heat the place. Heat cable under the substrate on the left side. All heaters controlled with thermostats. Alan
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    New Juvenile Leopard Tort Table

    Just a quick vid of the new table I recently finished for our small leos. Once they graduate from the 40 gallon breeder tank, they get to move into this. It is similar to the smaller one on the left I built last fall for our pancake torts. Alan [/URL][/img]
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    Pancakes breeding

    That image sure looks familiar! Except one of my females is quite a bit smaller than the male, and I'm not ready for any eggs!
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    Swap male Pancake for female

    I've got a juvenile male pancake about 4" long (about 4 years old) that is starting to mount my two females. I'm not really interested in breeding tortoises, therefore I'm looking to see if there is anyone within a day's drive from me that has a known female (juvenile or adult) that might be...
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    Male bullying my females

    Tim/Robin, thank you for that tidbit of information. I've now separated the male from the two females, and will hope that neither female will produce an egg. I'm now thinking that maybe I'll try to find someone to trade my male with in exchange for a female. As I said earlier, I'm not in the...
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    Male bullying my females

    I'm monitoring the females' weight at the moment. I first noticed the behavior a few weeks ago between the male (about 4 years old now) and a young female who is about two years old now. They were in a 40 gallon breeder tank at that time. I've since added an older female (a little larger than...
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    Male bullying my females

    Their enclosure is 6' by 3' by 14" tall. Should be plenty of room. Several rock hides, rocks, and fake plants in there. The male mounts both females all the time, and when they sleep he is on top of either or both to some extent.
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    Male bullying my females

    Anybody have an idea how long breeding season lasts? My one male is constantly bothering my two females. I'm not too worried about incubating eggs, but am curious as to how long the male will do this? I hope not forever, otherwise, I'll have to keep them separated. Any thoughts?
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    Best Reptile Humidifier for a Leopard Hatchling?

    I've had my ZooMed Reptifogger for about 18 months with no troubles at all. Of course, I only run distilled water through it, and every 6 months or so I run white vinegar through it for an hour to help clean it out some. However, when it eventually does fail, I'll probably save a few bucks...
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    Sulcata eating cypress mulch

    Yes, you can, but you may have to change it out more often than you think. The hay will develop mold much easier than the cypress mulch.
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    Pyramid Paranoia!

    I rescued a leo that was under 3" long and several years old. Pyramiding was definitely underway. After 16 month in a warm and humid enclosure, he/she has grown 1.5 inches, gained 100 g in weight, and the pyramiding has stopped. The shell is obviously a little smoother! I'm a fan of warm and...
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    cypress mulch

    Plus, the hardware store's mulch may have bugs in it from sitting outside much. Be sure to either freeze the mulch for awhile or heat it in an oven or microwave (my favorite for safety!) to kill anything alive in the mulch before you put it in your tort enclosure. If you heat it in an oven, BE...
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    Adult Leopard Tortoise enclosure~cold climates

    I was just going to reply that it is not, in any way shape or form, cruel to house an adult leopard indoors during the winter in a cold climate. You just have to build a "bigger" tort table. I would not recommend letting one just "roam the house". Unless you really heat your house a good bit...
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    New Tort Table

    I do intend to build a stand for this table one of these days. If anything, to lower the table down a few inches to make it easier for my wife to get to the rear of the table. For now, this is working, but I agree that the load on the plastic table is more than it was designed for. So far...