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    Best grass for a south Texas outdoor enclosure?

    Thanks guys! The enclosure is heavily planted with prickly pear cacti and flowers.
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    Best grass for a south Texas outdoor enclosure?

    My search feature is not working, so I'm asking something that I'm sure has been asked before. I live in south Tx and want to find a good grass for my outdoor enclosure (for a leopard tortoise) . I was going to do a pasture grass, but I'm not sure if I want 2'-4' of grass in the enclosure. I...
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    Would you rather buy from a chain store (petco,Petsmart) or a breeder?

    Well said Tom. When I was first looking into getting a tortoise I was going to get a Greek from petsmart. But I'm not the "shoot first and ask questions later" type of person so I did research. And learned that their torts are wild caught. This broke my heart. I refuse to participate in that...
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    A little guide for the Texas peeps.

    I was the same way until I also hovered over the names. And if you click on the name there are more photos. I have noticed that horses and grazing tortoises have similar needs and reactions to grazing type food. So I reference this site a lot.
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    A little guide for the Texas peeps. This is mostly directed at livestock. But I figure it is a great guide anyway. It has native grasses of Texas and a poisonous plant and grass database. Hope this helps y'all like it has helped me. Jenn
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    I HATE pet stores

    What Jacqui said! Also try to get them to change their setups. When I see torts in bad housing I explain that hot and humid is the way to go and that they could provide a better life and make more money for displaying them the correct way. Then instead of just a tank, water bowls, and some cheap...
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    how to make my torts life a little more interesting

    Put treats/food in random spots! Keep 'em guessing. Make adventure a food treat!
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    Got Hermit crabs?

    We two for cage maintenance, they mostly just hangout in Rufus' hide but come out from time to time. They are way more active at night, and come out to snack on leftovers.
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    What Type of Cactus?

    Aztortmom one day I will have a good sized plant too! mine is about 3 feet tall now and I started 5 more this year! Horrray cacti!
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    I'm going to build an outside enclosure

    Peasinapod that's awesome! I might steal the mini greenhouse idea! I can't wait til the spring when I can plant grass!
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    What Type of Cactus?

    I don't know where you are, but cactus is 87¢ a pound here. So that shows your dedication to your tort! Not nuts at all.
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    I'm going to build an outside enclosure

    What type of tort do you have? I am building a 12 x 15 for my leopard. I'm just getting started but here are some photos.
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    What Type of Cactus?

    You bought 45 worth of pads? If so leave some on the counter for a few days and plant the cut end about 3" deep... then you can grow your own.
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    What Type of Cactus?

    Well I hate to tell you but fresh cactus is slimy... ;) yeas it is fine. I feed it to my leopard a few times a week.
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    RI help!

    They also might take blood to see if his white count is elevated.