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    Dirty face

    I had a similar problem with my Tortoise so I put slates around the water x
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    Taken Shelby out of Brumation advise needed

    Thanks Angela I have him on 14 hrs with a red light on at night it's around 23 c at night. I been soaking him for around half a n hour and changing water as soon as it feels to cold and because I am worried I did it twice yesterday and 3 times today the poor tort is starting to feel like a...
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    Taken Shelby out of Brumation advise needed

    Hi Shelby as had his first Brumation. I took him out yesterday, he been a sleep for 9 weeks and I know I could have left him longer but felt as it was the first time I done it I did not want to push my luck. I warmed him up slowly I was surprised how fast he came around. I then gave him his soak...
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    Shelby pooped in brumation

    Ok Thanks Angela
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    Shelby pooped in brumation

    Shelby as been a sleep for a week and half now he as only lost a little weight and as not had a wee. I just lifted him tonight to check him an noticed he as moved and pooped, it 2 small pieces is this ok or do i need to wake him! The fridge temps are between 5 and 7 c but go up to near 10 when i...
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    extending Shelbys table

    I never thought of using Shingles great idea that will help with his nails too and I have a DIY shop in my village too thanks
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    extending Shelbys table

    What's it like for keeping clean? I know Shelby well an i am sure after about 5 mins he will either wee or poo on it lol x
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    wake him up everyday?

    I had mine for about 4 and half years now and till this winter i have always over wintered him as he was not old enough although his light were always the same he still seem to know autumn was here and started to get less active I think its instinct and they sense the change in season. Have you...
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    Bad dog!!!!

    glad your tort is ok. I have a dog too and she is scared stiff of my tort she shakes from head to toe when he is out in his pen and she she's him but i still would never trust her on her own out side while he is in the pen even though it's full covered a scared dog can be unpredictable as much...
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    just looking to. find out the sex of my Hermann

    RE: just looking to. find out the sex of my Hermann yep he is a proper little monkey he is so friendly and not shy he knows how to beg, which made his first wind down for his first brunation (hibernation) hell he can be stroppy sometimes and if he is in a mood will ram my hand lol
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    just looking to. find out the sex of my Hermann

    RE: just looking to. find out the sex of my Hermann I agree it looks like a girl to me too, but i warn u most young torts look female till they get to near to been sexual mature around 5 years old my little tort looked female till around the time he started ramming me, then his tail started to...
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    extending Shelbys table

    Hi Shelby as gone into Hibernation, so I decided to work on his table his area was still large enough for him but i wanted to put in a new level his bottom level is 2foot by 4ft an his new level is 2ft by 1.6 ft. I have put a wall under neath the new level to give him a sleeping area and I am...
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    Preparing Shelby for his first Hibernation

    Well Shelby as finally started to shut down I moved him to my down stairs shower room which is pretty cold and that did the trick I moved him to my car boot today and left him there till night time when i put him back in the shower room as i was worried the car would get to cold it was reading...
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    Name a time your tort has made you laugh

    lol thats too funny. Shelby as been on wind down for a few weeks and was not getting the idea that he was suppose to be getting ready for his first hibernation he proved this by mounting his fax tortoise twice in the same week I think he thought it was spring lol U would think after no food for...
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    Pooping on 17th day of winddown

    Ok thanks he is on his 3rd week 4 week starts Wednesday so i keep him warm till the end of 4 week and hope and pray he is empty and does not go again, he is still pretty active but i suppose thats because he still in a warm area I knew Shelby would not make this easy he is a little monkey I...