Turk and millie
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  • they are closed so I haven’t been able to ask many questions yet. I dont know how old he is and i dont know how he was started, dry or wet conditions. I don’t know how they are keeping him now, either. I think I will get to go next week for an adoption appointment and I should be able to see their enclosure… they look like closed chambers from the photos I saw but they weren’t up close
    How do I edit my name?… Turk is now Fiona and my ex has custody of her. I am getting the baby in the picture from a reptile rescue hopefully this week. His name is crush but I think im Going to change it to FreddyMac.
    Michael Bird
    Click on your name at the top of the screen, then click Account Details, then click Change next to your user name.
    I need to rehome one of my Sulcatas. I have two and I didn’t know that they shouldn’t be together when I got them. It’s really tiny
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