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    So confused

    Yes, as far as I know. I've never had a problem using it. I believe it's even safe for human consumption. What I like about it is it penetrates deep into the wood for better long term protection from moisture.
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    Tortoise only eat food when cut up

    Why do you want her to eat from whole leaves and not cut up weeds, what's the difference? I have different thoughts on this than Tom. I cut with scissors most greens that I offer my tortoises, sulcatas and hermann's even into adulthood. Growth rates without pyramiding shell and beak problems are...
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    So confused

    If you are talking about protecting wood from moisture I use linseed oil. I prefer the boiled linseed because it dries much quicker than raw linseed oil. Both are safe to use.
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    Let's discuss tortoise evolution

    I believe diet has an effect on evolutionary changes on every living thing. No one has mentioned what most of us are feeding the old world tortoises that they didn't have access to until a few hundred years ago. Cactus. Cactus is a new world plant and until man introduced cactus throughout the...
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    Live Forever Sedum

    I have been feeding what you have to all of my tortoises for years. Never noticed any ill effects. Donald my 2 year old sulcata has recently completely cleared out many nursery pots I had growing. He even ate the roots.
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    These work, They last at least 8 months. Cost on the last 2 I bought was $52 each. I started using them years back when I had 7 dogs and 4 indoor cats. And couldn't get rid of the fleas using any of the other products offered. And can't treat the yard because that's where I grow tortoise food...
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    Will he keep growing?

    Yes it will grow normally. No need to worry. I have 2 from the same clutch of eggs. One I raised and one was cared for by another couple. Donald the one I raised is getting close to 40 pounds. Squiggy the other one weighed a little less than 4 pounds when I got him back less than a year ago is...
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    Turtle Beach

    I guess I should add that's Eastern time. I'm not sure about how it works in other time zones.
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    Turtle Beach

    The Smithsonian Channel is rebroadcasting this show on Tuesday May 3rd at 11 am. I watched it a few days ago and it is fascinating with great videos with sounds of the eggs in the nest and how the pre hatchlings communicate with each other getting ready to make their way to the surface all at...
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    Desert tortoise surrendered in Indiana

    It isn't Federally protected if from Arizona. Your doing something good for tortoises keep up the good work.
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    Thinking about the future outdoors

    Think and plan for outside housing not inside your home as your sulcata grows. I keep sulcatas and have for 26 years. Now I keep them in the northern neck of Virginia which is east of Washington DC on the Potomac River. I have 5 ranging from 2 to 26 years old and from 8 to 150 pounds in weight...
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    Removing super glue from Russian tortoise shell?

    You could also try coconut oil. It might not happen overnight but in time it should.
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    Spring is here!

    Yes it is. It's 1/2 x 3 inch wire usually used for building bird cages. I bought a 100 ft by 3 ft roll from a company in Minnesota and had it shipped to me. I cut it down to the hight needed to keep Walker off some peony's that used to grow there. I have since transplanted them so it serves no...
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    Spring is here!

    Mayapple isn't a tree. Here's a pic of what they look like.They are considered toxic but box turtles eat the little apples and my sulcatas leave them alone.
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    Spring is here!

    Nice looking landscape, You have a little bit of everything there. Your Redbud is much prettier than what mine did this year. Do mayapples grow there? It looks like a perfect place for them.