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    Ground Hatched Radiated??

    Congratulations, great story.
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    Found Another Wild Baby

    I would have never seen it if I wasn't pulling weeds. No not ST. Marys I have a place in Calvert but this guy is across the Potomac in Virginia.
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    Found Another Wild Baby

    If I didn't have the adults living and breeding in the back yard I most likely wouldn't see many youngsters either. Adults are a pretty common sight here in peoples yards though. The little ones don't show themselves very often.
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    Found Another Wild Baby

    I was pulling weeds and grass from around the heat pump and found another baby eastern box turtle.Here are a couple more pics just to show more of the area he is staying in.I left him there and covered him up with some of the weeds I had pulled. This is the fifth one (3 in front yard and 2in...
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    Got a New Baby

    Thomas is still coming along great and acting like a young sulcata. Eating well, getting some exercise and hiding while sleeping. Weighed him earlier today.
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    Hermanns sexing

    They look to be female. The tail of a male almost reaches his back leg. They may do fine together but watch for bullying or any kind of stress from either of them.
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    ID this Turtle (Challenge 1 )

    I haven't got the slightest idea. But am curious.
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    Donald is One Year Old

    Donald hatched during the first week of August 2019, not sure of the exact day though. So for his first Birthday I gave him a cactus feeder He loved it and ate 3 pads today along with everything else.He measures a tad under 9 inches and weighed in today at 4 pounds 7.7oz
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    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    He has for some time now and yes we've had good tortoise weather for over a year now. Hope it keeps coming. We had another storm tonight to help keep things green and growing.
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    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    During the heat of summer he has access to shade when needed or full sun when wanted any time of the day. Because of the hot July temps we've had this year he has spent a lot of time in the shade.
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    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    He is a Sulcata, 24 years old
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    Walkers Yard From the Outside

    I took some pictures from outside of Walkers yard today. This is what people see that drive or walk around my house. There two spots that people that know he is in there can see him if he's out. Some people have been coming by for the 14 years he has been out there to visit him. Here he is from...
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    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    Yes, The leaves are another additive to a varied diet and butterflies love the blooms.
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    A Varied diet of home grown weeds, plants, opuntia, flower blooms and mazuri. Last winter it was about 50 50 store bought food and winter weeds that grow here.
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    Got a New Baby

    A couple pics of Thomas from today. When I took him out I set him in the shade under a cherry tree He set there for a couple minutes and then found a spot of sunlight getting through and parked there. Today's weight