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    Looking for an alternative to the fast pace of fast food? Then bring your appetite — and a couple of hours — down to Tortoise Burger, where your meal crawls right to your table. Have it your way — eventually. -Wayne
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    Today's B.D.

    have a happy and wonderful B-day
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    Nor' Has Arrived!

    Nor looks great. congrats on the new little guy
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    Trevor pics, new camera

    great pics. i think my Fav is the one where your feeding him a clover with his little tongue stickin out. what a happy little tortie.
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    Good luck Buddy, i hope you can get him back to health. im pulling for you Purpod.
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    more misc pics

    I like the sign!!!!!! i have a few sorta like that but that one is just too cool. your torties look so beautiful. i cant wait to let my boys out and run. we just need it to warm up here so i can let them roam. wayne
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    Help identify this shell

    Thank you so much. i really apreciate it
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    Help identify this shell

    today i visited my Grandmas house and took a trip to the creek. i found this turtle shell but i feel stupid because i cant identify the species. (I was in eastern Iowa) Thanks for all help, Wayne
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    Tortoise Jokes

    WOW it took me forever to figure out the Tom and Michelle one. hahaha those are so funny!!!!!!!!
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    Yuri's outdoor enclosure

    Beautiful enclosure. i love the captions you put with Yuri's photos
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    Bunny pics

    wilson is a great looking bunny
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    Pics in the rain

    Great little spiders. they seem to be enjoying themselves.
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    Dragon pics

    they are all so beautiful!!!!!
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    Dragon Pics #2

    wow! thats cool. thanks for sharing Kelly