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    Colombian yellow red foot tortoise

    He said in a comment that he had a lot of people inquiring. I snapped a screenshot of his reason for it. Makes sense.
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    Colombian yellow red foot tortoise

    I think he was going to auction them on his FB page.
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    Home for 14 month old Cherryhead redfoot in FL

    Ollie’s a cutie. I sent you a private message.
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    Can 2 male red footed tortoises live together?

    I have 3 adult males together. 1 was introduced to the original 2. They were interested in the new guy for a couple weeks. They don’t care anymore.
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    Red Foot White Spots?

    Hi there! My brother just moved to North Carolina (south of Charlotte) about a year ago. I can’t wait to get up there. Don’t worry what he has is very common in RFs. They love to sit in mud puddles all day long. Drives me nuts. It’s easy to treat. After soaking in warm water about 20 minutes...
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    *HELP* Not sure what's going on!

    My red foots do something similar when I’m holding them and they want me to put them down. It’s like they’re angry. Maybe she’s being grouchy.
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    Looking for Adult female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns tortoise

    You will “settle” for a pair of RFs? Wow. Please do them a favor and don’t. Spend the time looking for what you really want.
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    Redfoot infestation

    Yes. I am living the dream. I’m infested with redfoots. A good non-damaging infestation albeit overwhelming. The week leading up to Hurricane Irma I found 17 babies outside. A month later 6 more. I have some older babies too but my question is what do I do with them? It’s looking like I might...
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    Getting Cold!

    I would bring him in Patrick. I’m in South Florida too and mine are either in the house or outside covered with a heater. Better safe than sorry I think.
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    hurricane Irma

    I tied off major branches. Didn't have any stakes. It should be good since Irma moved west. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thx for the info
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    hurricane Irma

    Now that Irma's moved west, I think it's going to be okay. I tied off the bigger stalks. As long as these feeder bands don't get too much stronger...
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    hurricane Irma

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to better secure my orchid to its tree? I was going to tie each bigger section to the rope. I reallly don't want to rip it off to bring it inside. I am desperate. stupid hurricane.
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    Can Russians Swim?

    I think it's simply that they are lucky enough to float and happen to be trying to walk. Hence, they are "swimming"
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    One of these Babies is not like the Others

    Do you think it'll stay brown like that or will it eventually darken like the others? I've never had one so light before. :/