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    To late.

    Aw heck!
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    The Osprey learning.......

    You've always got something interesting posted. Thank you!
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    New here

    @Markw84 Doesn't look like sulcata to me. It's hard to tell sometimes when looking at baby tortoises.
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    First summer with outdoor tortoises

    No, they want to get rid of mosquitos and keep the tortoise safe from the product they use.
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    Which type of begonia is this?

    I can't remember the names of the two types, something like tuberous? At any rate yours is not the one that grows from a tuber.
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    How to create a large cover

    Maybe your wildlife is different from mine, because I have most of the same things as you, hawks, crows, coyotes, cats, raccoons, oppossum, etc. and except for one occurrence a few years back with a heavily pregnant raccoon, i haven't lost any chelonia to wildlife. In my outdoor yards I keep...
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    Not sure if I got the right orchid bark

    Also, you'll want it about three or four inches deep. You shouldn't be able to see the floor of the enclosure. . . and damp, quite damp!
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    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    Since he knows lettuce is food, and he's sure you're trying to get him to eat 'non food,' you have to trick him. Put lettuce into the blender and make slushy juice out of it. Then cut up your good greens into tiny pieces and mix it up real good into the slush. Hopefully you can make him think...
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    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    The tortoise is suffering from metabolic bone disease, which is quite painful. He needs calcium rich foods along with real sunshine. The flat profile tells me he's just one step away from death. His bones and shell are soft and not strong enough to hold him up. You have a labor intensive job...
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    Species identification and care guidance

    No, box turtles aren't prone to shell rot. Most of us use plant saucers for water. A large plastic bin is much cheaper than a glass vivarium. You don't need a heater. Buy a Ceramic Heating Element (CHE) and a dome fixture with a ceramic base (but don't use the clamp feature on the dome...
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    Is my Russian's shell cracked????

    Well for Pete's sake. . . Where the heck have you been? The spaces between the scutes (new growth areas) are a bit sunken. That may look like cracks to you. If it were my tortoise, using a Q- tip, I would paint the areas between the scutes with cold pressed coconut oil, massaging it in. Then...
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    Species identification and care guidance

    Yes, it's a three toed box turtle that has been kept too dry. Get a fairly large plastic tote, large enough to house several potted plants. Use orchid bark as the substrate and wet it well. Add a layer of non toxic leaves all over the bark. He'll need a heat source, something that keeps the...
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    You got that wrong, Linda, WE'RE not the strangers, YOU are!
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    The flowers against the black background makes a great picture, Mark! 👍👍👍👍
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    What is this trail?

    Probably a blade of grass.