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    Emys or Mauremys?

    Nice looking turtles.
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    Topicals aren't necessary.
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    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    "Lengthy" is what's sorta' uncomfortable about Chris's excellent care sheets. The newbie gets discouraged by too much info and stops reading. Same here, Tom. Both yours and Chris's care sheets are important documents to be able to continue going back to and reading, but most new tortoise keepers...
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    Seventh Deadly Sin!

    I know it's not good to be 'proud,' but I must admit, I'm pretty darned proud at how my two Manouria emys phayrei are turning out. I hatched one of them in 2015 and I bought a hatchling from Vic Morgan in 2016, so they're four and five years old now. The bigger one when he was just hatched and...
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    I have the opportunity to rescue another tortoise same age

    If there were four or five yes, maybe you could have males together, but with two there will be trouble no matter how big their yard is. The yard is plenty big enough to fence it off into two yards. Why don't you just do that?
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    New Sulcata Mom

    Welcome! If you pour water over the substrate and mix it up with your hand until the substrate is all moist it works better at keeping up the humidity.
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    How can I stop my tortoise scratching the walls and glass

    You let him out to roam around in your house, so now he knows there's more to the world than what's inside his four walls and he wants back out there. In my opinion, it's a big mistake to let your tortoise know how big the world actually is.
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    Aw, Lyn. . . I'm so very sorry. Sad news indeed.
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    Tortoise birthday

    This is something you, the tortoise keeper, is going to enjoy, not the tortoise. Whatever you do will be strictly for your benefit. The tortoise will take it as it comes with no special recognition or enjoyment. So whatever you want to do, go for it! You might enjoy inviting some of your...
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    Plant ID

    lily of the nile
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    Shell Rot on Russian?

    Shell rot is caused by constant contact with moisture/urine/wet feces, etc. so I was prepared to say it almost always starts on the plastron. However, when I looked closely at the second picture it certainly does look like the start of shell rot.
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    🐢 My Tortoise Health 🐢

    I don't see anything unusual.
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    Hello from Poland!

    Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for the picture of your handsome little fella'.
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    Social Distance

    Probably not. But since neither of them has claimed the new yard as their territory, try it under close supervision.
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    Just wanted to share pictures

    She's very pretty. I love her color.