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    Hello everyone i am a new tortoise owner and i just wanted to get some feed back.

    Add more water. The glass should show condensation. Get rid of the moss. Impaction risk if eaten.
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    Help please!

    Contact the seller - with pictures - and explain the condition of the tortoise. In my opinion, this is the wrong time of year to ship tortoises.
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    Help identify eye illness and give me advice please

    The sulcata tortoise is sometimes referred to as the crying tortoise because their eyes water supposedly as a cooling affect.
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    Help! How do we attach the radiant heaters to the wall???

    Oh! You're talking about the pig blanket, not a radient heater. I mounted my pig blanket on a piece of plywood sligtly larger than the pig blanket, then screwed 'L' brackets to the plywood and the wall
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    Shell Review

    Shell looks fine to me.
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    November 30th is the end of hurricane season 2022

    . . . and last night on the news they reported about over 40 tornados touching down. ***Yvonne holds out her hands to her sides with the palms toward the ceiling, and "tornado" in one palm and "Hurricane" in the other" Tornado? Hurricane? Tornado? Hurricane? Seems like the big weatherman in...
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    It's a male attitude. He's trying to chase you out of his territory.
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    I don't do holidays. Because I like turkey and love the way the house smells when turkey is in the oven, I take advantage of the holidays to buy a turkey. I usually cook it as soon as it's thawed out. No special dinner at Christmas. It's just another day around here.
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    Digging Sulcata

    Besides to build a burrow, another reason they dig in an indoor habitat is because they are looking for a way out. Maybe something isn't quite right with his living arrangements???
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    Another one to MBD?

    You didn't mention what kind of lighting you're using. The calcium needs UVB in order to do its job inside the tortoise.
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    Red foot shell spliting open, not sure whats going on.

    Looks like she's been rammed. I've seen that sort of injury on a tortoise that was rammed by a sulcata.
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    Is there any other foods I can add to my tortoise’s diet for variety?
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    Leopard Tortoise With Overgrown Bottom Beak

    I had to have help. You actually need four hands. We placed the tortoise on the top of a 4x4 post with his legs dangling and one of us supporting the tortoise on the post while holding the tortoise's head behind the jaws so he can't retract into the shell. Then the other person operates the Dremmel.
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    Bad egg, eastern box turtle

    Probably not fertile. Temperature makes a difference too. Has to be right or you either cook the eggs or they don't develop.
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    Missing Banner

    @Josh is a little behind in updating memberships. I'll send him a reminder email.