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  • Hay I believe have an adult female travencore not a cross I was wondering if you knew any one who could take a look and give me there thought please send me a pm
    I know plenty about Travancores. I am the first person who ever had real true breeding adults in this country. My original pair produced lots of babies from 1980 to 1995. Where did the tortoise you have come from? That would give us a clue as to its true ID. Where do you live? Send me some pix of it and I'll give you my initial thoughts: [email protected]

    Bill Z
    Sent you an email
    Hi zovick, I have a sulcata that has recently undergone 2 surgical procedures regarding a jaw abscess. Would you kindly take a look at her medical file and x-rays? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    The small Sulcata you just now thought the bump on it's head looked like an abscess...to me it just looks like a normal Sulcata head, the skin looks rugged and tough, not like an abscess...I think...lol I'm saying this here so I don't embarrass myself in public by saying this...hahaha
    Hi Bill. Our mutual friend John Coakley suggested I reach out to you just to talk tortoises. I've been working with Testudo Kleinmanni for about 15 yrs. Thanks, Ralph Till
    [email protected]
    hi Bill. I have a quick question for you about a new radiata purchase and think you may have an answer or point me to the right direction i am looking for. if you could please reach back out to me at [email protected], i appreciate your time. bart
    hi Bill. i talked with you in 2013 when i had purchased my first rads, and i appreciate the care sheet you sent me back then. I replied to the email you had sent before but it bounced back. I have a quick question for you about a new purchase and think you may have an answer i am looking for. if you could please reach back out to me at [email protected], i appreciate your time. jeff
    Hello , I was wondering if you could take a look at my tortoise she seems to be sick and infected with some sort of white spots .. she is a red foot any help would be greatly appreciated
    Are you talking about the white area under the eye? If so, that could be some type of a fungus infection, but it doesn't look all that serious to me.
    If that is not what you are talking about, please try to describe where it is so I can see it in your pictures. I see some under the tail also, but again those look fairly harmless to me.
    Why do you think the tortoise is sick?
    Hi! Thanks for reaching out yes I’m talking about the white spot under her eye would you know how to treat this infection ? Or Is it normal ? She seems to have spots like this growing rapidly eveywhere on her legs arms tail and head
    If fungus is on the shell, the best treatment is athlete's foot cream. I guess you could try using that if you are careful not to get it in the eye. Or try it on the tail and other areas first to see if it works, then put a little on the spot near the eye if it works on the other spots.
    Hi Bill -

    Earlier this month I had a the opportunity to purchase two Radiataed tortoises from Jay Russo here in Texas. Id love to get first hand knowledge from someone like yourself who has cared for them for so long. Any chance you have a care sheet from hatchiling to adult or any info at all you can share? If so can you please email it to me at [email protected]

    Thank you!
    Hey there,

    Im in talks with a person over possibly buying his Burmese group. He said the female came from you awhile back. My email is [email protected]

    Thank you very much for your expertise help !

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