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  • Hi Bill!

    I’m looking to purchase radiated hatchlings here in Atlanta, do you have any available or any breeders you could possibly recommend? Please let me know. Thanks

    [email protected]

    Hi Bill!

    I’m interested in purchasing a radiated tortoise and I’ve been reading you’re the person to talk to for a well started one. Also interested in reading your care sheets. Can you please email me at [email protected]

    thank you!
    Hi Bill,
    I've searched the forum and internet and it seems most people end up getting it via email or private message. My first well started hatchlings arrive next month and while I'm feeling confident and ready to care for this species, I'd love to receive and read up on your specific care sheet for radiateds - hatchlings specifically.

    Thank you in advance!

    [email protected]
    Hi bill,My radiated tortoise laid 4 eggs,this is the third clutchs in two year.Diapause,After I collected the eggs and put them in incubator at 65 degrees with mosit vermiculite for a month then rise the temperature at 85 degrees,but I can’t see any development in the eggs,but it didn’t look like mildewed,just want to know if this mean the eggs are not fertile?

    [email protected]
    You won't see any development for about three to four weeks after putting the eggs in the 85 degree incubator. Also, you should leave the eggs dry during the 4 week diapause period at 65 degrees, not moist.

    Do you own those yniphora in your photo?

    Hi Bill, I have another question is……
    After diapause, should we bump the egg into the incubator at 85 degrees?
    Or increase the temperature step by step?
    Thanks for sharing.
    I always just put the eggs into the incubator at the incubation temperature which I wished to use. I never tried bringing temp up gradually. Too much effort and time for me to worry about doing that. Would it help anything? I doubt it.

    85 degrees is a rather low temperature. I used 87-89F for my Radiated Tortoise eggs.
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    Hi Bill,
    We met back in 2011 - I think via Chris Raxworthy - and visited at one of the herp shows in Atlanta. The bellsouth email address you gave me bounced back and I'm having issues sending PM's to you here. Will you ping me back at [email protected]?
    Hi Bill,
    This is Bo Zhao. I am a GA resident just outside of Atlanta. I found your ad on this forum regarding to the sale of your Radiated Tortoises. I would like to see if you still have any available for sale? Please let me know and thank you for your time.
    Best regards,
    Bo Zhao
    I just picked up 2 hatchling radiated tortoises and was looking for a care sheet for these guys and most interested in temps you keep them at. I read for radiateds you can let it go into the 70s? Is this correct, do you use any CHE or radiated heat panel at night for hatchling/juveniles?
    Day time - ~95F basking, 80 cool end
    Night time - 70s room temperature is okay or keep it above 80F?
    I looked at your pics of radiated tortoise that you breed for 3 gens. Marvelous dedication.
    I am starting one myself, hope one day can be a breeder like yourself.

    Any pointers on how to breed them properly or insights I should know aside the guides from internet?
    High yellow color, is it fixed upon birth or can it changed over time thru special feedings or certain living conditions?
    [email protected]
    Looking for some insight on Indian stars and chronic RNS. Looking at a rehome for 25 year old breeding pair of Indian Stars (assuming Southern variant given their smaller size) from a fellow in Houston. Baytril's the drug when it shows up and I think there must be another underlying cause of the issue.
    Any thoughts based on your experience and if lower humidity we can provide would have a positive impact on them?
    Hello Ernie,

    My response was too long for posting in this section. Give me your email address and I will send it along to you.

    Bill Z
    I have been looking for radiated tortoise for a long time, but no one is selling any in California. I saw some nice ones for sale in Texas, GA and Florida, but I can’t buy them because I live in California. I would like to know if you know any good radiated tortoise Breeder in California I can go to. If you do, can you please email me at: [email protected]
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