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  1. Yvonne G

    Disarming turtle traps

    @Sitona : The Forum doesn't encourage its members to do anything illegal. Even though the traps are probably illegal, they are someone else's property, and for you to vandalize them it might be illegal, to say nothing of how dangerous for you if the trapper catches you. Please just note down...
  2. Yvonne G

    Dudley's Walk-about

    @Kapidolo Farms @maggie3fan I know you both will appreciate this thread. This is the south fence of Dudley's yard, with Texas and Russians and DCTs on the other side of it: Walking west along the fence, we come to this, the area with Texas tortoises on the other side: And then the...
  3. Yvonne G

    New Caregiver

    Yup, except for his size, he has all the traits of the Texas tortoise.
  4. Yvonne G

    New Caregiver

    I would like to see his plastron, please. I believe you said he hasn't eaten in a while? If that's the case go ahead and box him up. Do you have a cold closet like at your mom's?
  5. Yvonne G

    New Member - 60+ year old DT (no nuchal scute?) Let sleeping tort lie?

    Come to think of it, none of my Texans dig a burrow either.
  6. Yvonne G

    New Member - 60+ year old DT (no nuchal scute?) Let sleeping tort lie?

    Looks like he's mixed with Texas tort, Gopherus berlandieri.
  7. Yvonne G

    fall 2021

    Maybe someone who knows about your tortoises thought you needed another (my next door neighbor has been known to toss water turtles into my pond).
  8. Yvonne G

    Unexpected "over & above" story

    Wow! Talk about good customer relations!
  9. Yvonne G

    Sudanese Sulcata enclosure

    One would NEVER find baby tortoises out in the open.
  10. Yvonne G


    I'm a great one for re-using stuff. I have about fifty million dog food bags, a huge supply of used lumber, a bunch of old bricks, a vacant 500square foot house full of used reptile and bird supplies, about 30 damaged-beyond-use garden hoses and shoes that go back to the platform era.
  11. Yvonne G

    HEY YOU...

    My Manouria emys emys nested for me the first time and I recovered over twenty eggs. Only four of them hatched, with the remaining being clear. One died after pipping, one has no eyes, one had a VERY large yolk that took three weeks to absorb and the last one seems normal. They hatched early. ...
  12. Yvonne G

    Shell rash?

    Yeah, I think Maggie is correct. The top of the shell was burned by having the CHE too close to it. Large sulcatas like yours shouldn't have overhead heat like a harsh light or CHE. Some of the folks here use those oil-filled radiator type electric heaters in the shelters, along with a pig blanket.
  13. Yvonne G

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, and welcome!!
  14. Yvonne G

    Looking for advice for the 2 Sulcatta tortoise we have! HELP

    Hi Kristin, and welcome to the Forum! I would go back to the beginning and start all over. Treat your sulcatas like hatchlings. First off, do something with the enclosure to protect your hardwood floors, because the substrate needs to be quite a bit moister than it is, and that will leech...
  15. Yvonne G


    Hi, and welcome to the Forum!
  16. Yvonne G

    Hey, Cherryman304:

    @Cherryman304 Have a wonderful day!!!
  17. Yvonne G

    Disarming turtle traps

    It's probably dangerous for you to mess with them. Just note the location and report it.
  18. Yvonne G


    I'm sorry to say, it looks like Luna is gone. The head movement may have been a reaction to gasses forming inside.
  19. Yvonne G


    Bob Thomas (who passed away recently) sold his turtle/tortoise ranch and the buyer wasn't sure if he was going to continue the rescue/adoption part of it.
  20. Yvonne G

    Should I remove pepper seeds prior to feeding?

    No. My rule of thumb: if the seed is small enough to pass down the throat whole, and to come out the other end, I don't remove them.