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  1. kimber_lee_314

    Chino Turtle and Tortoise Club meeting

    Our meeting this month is on FRIDAY OCTOBER 16, 2015 and starts at 7:30 PM. This months speaker will be Rick Dean from the "Mary Vagle Nature Center in Fontana www.nature.fontana.org Mr. Dean will be talking on "The Value of Environmental Education on Habitat and Wildlife Preservation" We...
  2. kimber_lee_314

    Large Soft shell in So Cal

    This turtle found a home - thanks!
  3. kimber_lee_314

    Reds so. Cali.

    How big are they?
  4. kimber_lee_314

    Large male sulcata in So Cal

    Sorry - the owner does not want to ship.
  5. kimber_lee_314

    Large male sulcata in So Cal

    PM me for details if interested. :)
  6. kimber_lee_314

    Large Soft shell in So Cal

    My vet has a large soft shell she is looking to place - So Cal only. It came in with a fish hook in its mouth. :( PM me for details.
  7. kimber_lee_314

    Box Turtle hatchlings for adoption

    Not yet - it's too hot here right now. If I still have some in the fall I will be shipping. I have a ton of them to find homes for!
  8. kimber_lee_314

    Box Turtle hatchlings for adoption

    I have box turtle hatchlings available for adoption - just looking for good homes for them. At this time I have Easterns, three toeds, and gulf coast (black phase for now but will have the tans soon too.) Pick up in So Cal only - no shipping at this time. PM me if you're interested.
  9. kimber_lee_314

    Reptile Super Show in Pomona, CA - THIS WEEKEND!

    I'm going ... not bringing any money!!!!
  10. kimber_lee_314

    Average hatchling weight?

    My 2 brand new ones hatched at 35 and 36 grams - but I have an older one that hatched at 39 grams. I think it depends on the tortoise mother though. For instance these eggs were huge because the mother is probably a pp and pb hybrid. The eggs of my other female (pb) are much smaller so I...
  11. kimber_lee_314

    Sick box turtle??

    It does sound like it could be a prolapse - get him to a vet ASAP.
  12. kimber_lee_314

    Do Box Turtles kill hatchlings

    Yes! The adults often see them as food (as they are fast and small - they think they're bugs.) Unfortunately, I have found dead hatchlings (when I miss a nest and they hatch in the ground) from time to time. I usually find their little bodies though. It seems the adults bite them, then...
  13. kimber_lee_314

    Interesting nesting behavior observed

    Great information! I can't wait to get eggs from mine. :)
  14. kimber_lee_314

    Sick Russian from CL

    I'm sorry to say she didn't make it. :(
  15. kimber_lee_314

    Very sad looking Russian in LA, CA area..

    I'm sorry to say she didn't make it. :( Thank you to all for your advice, well wishes, and prayers.
  16. kimber_lee_314

    My first Cherryhead Eggs

    Yes - it's been crazy here with egg laying and eggs hatching all at the same time. My shelled friends keep me very busy and I LOVE every minute of it!
  17. kimber_lee_314

    Need help sexing these Cherryheads and Yellowfoots

    Please help me sex these Cherry heads and Yellow foots. I seem to be really bad at this with this group and they were extremely uncooperative so the pictures aren't the best! I think Bing is a male? Van and Santina females? As for the Yellows, I think Lisbon is a female? Meyer was sold to...
  18. kimber_lee_314

    My first Cherryhead Eggs

    My cherryhead laid her first eggs! See the weird dented one? What would cause that? (It's dented in two places but still intact.) I welcome all advice on how to incubate these!
  19. kimber_lee_314

    Very sad looking Russian in LA, CA area..

    Yes - it was me - I bought her. She is so horribly sick! :( She's still alive, but barely. My vet and I are doing all we can for her. Prayers for her recovery please!!!!