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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone from MaNaAk, Jacky and Daisy
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    Hibernating Tortoise Is Stirring

    Hello Everyone, Anyone else got a hibernating tortoise who is stirring? This is my first year of hibernating Jacky indoors. MaNaAk
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    Happy Xmas

    Happy Xmas everyone from Jacky (hibernating), Daisy (non-hibernating) and MaNaAk
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    Daisy's Inflamed Joint Is Improving

    Daisy's inflamed joint is much better and this is a photo of her before she had her medication this morning.
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    Does A Basking Light And UV Bar Have Much Of An Impact On The Electricity Bill?

    Has anyone noticed if the basking lamp and UV hearted had much effect on the electricity bill? MaNaAk
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    How Much Should A Full Greek Tortoise Weigh In Pounds?

    Hello Everyone! I just want to check how much a Greek Tortoise should weigh in pounds as the internet says that they should weigh two or three pounds as an adult? Also how do you weigh them? MaNaAk
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    Told Not To Hibernate My Greek Tortoise

    Hello Everyone I'm new. I have two Greek tortoises and one of them is seeing the vet tomorrow to receive anti-inflammation medication for her paw. The vet also wants to see if there is a fracture. I live in a one bedroom flat with a communal garden and I was bringing the tortoises in at night...