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    Best substrate to use in Ontario Canada

    Hi there, I have two Greek tortoises and wondering what’s the best substrate to use that is available in Ontario Canada. ( I couldn’t find sterilized topsoil) so I’m currently using wood chips but it’s time to change it. Any thoughts please? Thank you!
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    Maximum antibiotics course

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone would know what’s the maximum course of antibiotics you’d give to a juvenile Greek tort for URI. So far, my tort got 19 doses of Ceflazidime 1 mg (once a day), thank god she has improved a lot but that only started to happen on day 10. The vet thinks she...
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    Age estimate

    Hi everyone, Anyone know how I can estimate the age of a juvenile Greek tort? Is there a chart of weight/size that would give me an estimate age? 🤔
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    Hello guys, I’m new here, so excited to join, and hopefully some would be able to help. I have Baby/Juvenile Greek Tortoises (they were 3), one of them got sick with URI, she was given Enrofloxacin 0.5 mg once a day the first two days, then on the third day and because there was no...