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    How long does it take to grow next 'generation' of prickly pear cactus?

    I have grown three prickly pear cactuses since several months ago, for my tortoise. I don't know the technical terms, but how long will the next batch of pads grow. I mean, I bought four pads, and planted them. After a few days/weeks, new pads started to grow. So I want to know what is the...
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    Is it ok for leopard tortoises to eat moss?

    There is moss growing in my garden, and I sometimes let my leopard tortoise roam around there to bask under the sun and eat some weeds. And every time when it sees moss, it would nibble on them. When I see this, I always pick it up and put him/her somewhere else because I'm scared the moss might...
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    My leopard tortoise refuses to eat grass

    I've read that grass should be a big part of leopard tortoise diet. However, he/she refuses to eat them. I also give him/her some lettuce. Once, I gave some kale and carrots too for a few days. And everyday, I mix the grass with the lettuce (and other vegetables, depends on what vegetables are...