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    The EXTREME cold winter is here

    It's going to be a harsh Winter

    I need advice on a heater, POND PEOPLE

    I have 3 fish ponds. Only one currently has any fish in it. They're all outdoors. It is 1,450 gallons and is less than 30" deep. It has plants and 11 Swordtail fishes. I want to be prepared for the temperature this winter. It does occasionally get into the lower 50s. And that's too low for them...


    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people here on the forum @Lyn W

    Turtle/fish pond filter review from AQUASCAPE

    AQUASCAPE 3500 with UVB sterilizer I recently installed this pond filter on one of my Koi ponds. It is about 1,500 gallons and this filter is rated at 3,500 gallons. This filter replaced a SMART POND CF2000 with UVB. (A horrible product.) It seem like a high quality filter and I'm excited at...

    Home Depot and incandescent lighting

    Home Depot has been the last place that I could still get low wattage incandescent bulbs to use for heat in my Chameleon cages. Both of my local stores have the entire bulb display covered and ready for the new selection of ALL LED lights. The person I spoke with didn't know if the last of the...

    Buffalo saves turtle (tortoise)

    He seemed to know that the turtle needed help

    Anyone in south Florida need LIZARD food?

    I started a small colony of HORSESHOE CRAB ROACHES a while back. I found these to be a less roach like roach. They don't fly. They're relatively slow moving and they can't climb smooth surfaces. A few months ago, I gave up on that project because it looked like they had all died. No food eaten...

    What type of UVB lighting is available?

    Most pet stores sell either CFL (or Coiled or Compact Florescent bulb Lights.) Or MVB (or Mercury Vapor Bulbs.) All of these are threaded "screw in" bulbs. While most of us agree that the MVB type are a waste of money, there are a few of us attempting to use the CFL type tubes that went out of...

    COLD BLOODED KINGDOM Deerfield Beach Florida

    This store is in the same physical location as THE JUNGLE FLORIDA. A business that was just terrible. I posted my personal story months ago. It has since gone out of business. I'm very happy to report that the only thing this new reptile store has in common with the old one is the location! I...

    My new Chameleons for 2022

    I purchased a new Jacksons Chameleon male to fill the recently vacant cage of my Panther Chameleon that died from severe MBD. (There's another entire thread about that) He comes from COLD BLOODED KINGDOM in Deerfield Beach Florida. The same physical location as the store that sold me the dying...

    What's your Christmas weather forecast?

    Here it's clear with a high of 81 Not very Christmassy

    A good and inexpensive HO UVB option?

    I've just ordered a trio of these for my Chameleon cages. I have live vines and plants and my Chameleons need UVB. But real estate on top of my XXL REPTIBREEZE cages is at a premium and there are already spot lamps, a dripper system and MISTKING nozzles up there. I needed something that could...

    Coiled UVB bulb discussion on another thread

    I am on a few other group forums. The past coiled compact florescent bulb issue is known on them also. This one is advising members to stay away from them. This discussion is not just a TFO thing. This is a quote off of a care sheet. Not my content: "A manufacturing fault meant compact coiled...

    Harmonious Redfoot groups

    I only keep Female Redfoot in my collection. I'm against breeding more of them since I get unwanted Redfoot pretty regularly. South Florida is saturated with them. I sometimes answer post about how multiple Redfoot groups can work. But I don't like just saying that. Because it's not always the...

    Happy Birthday @Wellington

    Happy Birthday Barb (@wellington) And thanks for all that you do for us

    West Palm beach expo

    Coming in February

    Fedex at it's best.

    I've added this to my "FEDEX HORROR STORY" post. This is for everyone else to enjoy

    A very rare butterfly story

    Although technically a south Florida native butterfly, Green Malachites are all but extinct in the wild because their larvae only eat a certain SHRIMP PLANT. I purchased three living chrysalis from BUTTERFLY WORLD in Coconut Creek Florida (A giant walk through tropical butterfly aviary) and I...

    Time to get my night heaters working.

    Itll be well into the 60s this evening. I just set up the timer for my two heated night houses and tested the CHEs. I love CHEs! They're so reliable. These haven't been touched since January.

    THE JUNGLE FLORIDA is a horrible choice

    Long and expensive story here. But I'll condense it for all of you. This place sold me an extremely sick VOHEMAR Panther Chameleon. It was quite expensive. But not as expensive as my vet bills over the last several months.... And the best part? The owner would not honor any sort of help...