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  1. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    I introduced Sarah and Cowbird the last 2 puppies to Walker yesterday. No body got excited or acted nervous.
  2. Turtulas-Len

    Making the tank "higher"

    I would cap the top frame with strips of glass laying flat cut to size. Factoring in gaps for any cords or filters coming over the top edge. The width of the glass barrier would be whatever is needed to confine the turtle. Probably an inch and half to two inches. After you get the glass cut sand...
  3. Turtulas-Len

    Should I actually flip Rachel on her back to measure her?

    Not necessary to turn over. What I do is place the ruler against a wall and set the tortoise on it against the wall and you only need to read the measurement on the back side knowing the front is in the right position for a correct measurement.
  4. Turtulas-Len

    A New Hatchling

    Haven't posted about Lyric for a while. She is doing fine and growing.Weather permitting she gets some outside timeShe is up to 130 grams. All the other Hermann's are in the garage sleeping.
  5. Turtulas-Len

    I need advice on a heater, POND PEOPLE

    When I built Walkers house I ran 1/2 inch soft copper tubing under the floor above the insulation. I bought a 4 gallon hot water heater and a circulation pump to circulate the hot water to heat the floor using a closed system. I have never needed to use them. You wouldn't need a closed system...
  6. Turtulas-Len

    Thomas is One Year Old Today

    Weighed Tomi todayShe will be 2 years old in March and growing nicely.
  7. Turtulas-Len

    Squiggy The Scrunched Sulcata

    Squiggy is doing fine living outside this winter. She has gained over a pound since late October.She is up to 5 and 1/4 pounds.
  8. Turtulas-Len

    Winter feeding?

    I see no reason why to not feed inside the house. As for getting him some internal water intake, I have a couple that haven't quite mastered drinking from a water bowl yet. I give them cucumbers and the dreaded lettuce's even iceberg lettuce along with their regular diet. All of mine come out to...
  9. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    The puppies are 2 weeks old and doing fine. their eyes are opening. They each have a good home to go to.Here's a pic from a few minutes ago. Rachel has done a fantastic job at mothering. Abner misses her full time companionship.
  10. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    She's not his lady, she's his sister.😉
  11. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    So far she has done great as a new momma. I went to change the bedding and as quick as I took the puppies out so I could do it she was putting them back in. I won and got it done without upsetting her.
  12. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    No it was planned. I went with a mixed breed because Rachel's breed was started by inbreeding. Both her and Abner (her brother) are as smart as a whip, but not suited for everyone. And I want to raise another pup to add to my family. I'm keeping a female, my sister in law wants a female, and the...
  13. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    It started on October 3rd and finished early this morning. This first pic shows their color best.The next 2 they all look gray.Got 2 males and 2 femalesBred her with a small mixed breed named Chuck. They all unlike Rachel have fur.
  14. Turtulas-Len

    Heating Winter Tortoise Houses

    I'm very happy with it. That averages out to about 120 watts per house. That's hard to do with an indoor enclosure for a sulcata of any size in winter like weather.
  15. Turtulas-Len

    Unpopular question

    How big is your sulcata and how big is it's wandering area?
  16. Turtulas-Len

    Heating Winter Tortoise Houses

    I live where it gets cold during winter. I at the moment have 5 sulcatas of different size and ages. They are from less than 2 years to 25 years old and from about 4 pounds to 150 pounds. They each have their own area and heated house. We are experiencing temperature's that usually don't come...
  17. Turtulas-Len

    Outdoor sulcata in the NJ winter? (Will my enclosure plan work?)

    On the Virginia side of the Potomac river east of Washington DC. Colonial Beach.