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  1. Meesh

    Male having hard time adjusting to larger female

    He's not alone tho. Hes never been alone. Hes with other females all smaller than him. I just got a female who is bigger than him an hes having a hard time accepting her. I'm thinking its her size. But could be he just doesn't like her.. Who knows. Figured id see if anyone else has experience...
  2. Meesh

    Male having hard time adjusting to larger female

    Not sure why this post was moved to "Breeding" ... This is about housing.
  3. Meesh

    Male having hard time adjusting to larger female

    Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had trouble putting a larger female with a smaller male? My male hermann has adjusted to many females but they've always been smaller than him. He's being abnormally aggressive towards her, only difference is her size. Normally I can just put a female in the...
  4. Meesh

    Comment by 'Meesh' in media '2D02ABBC-07F3-4623-A5C3-D26FCB49A29D.jpeg'

    he/she is a beautiful hermann! I love that shell color & pattern🖤
  5. Meesh

    Comment by 'Meesh' in media '20211031_103701_HDR~2.jpg'

    Both my male Hermann's are extremely curious & adventurous! Borderline nosey & mischievous lol.. They love to go on adventures and climb every single thing along the way
  6. 20211031_103701_HDR~2.jpg


    Herman packed up his shell & dipped!
  7. Meesh

    Comment by 'Meesh' in media 'IMG_2936.JPG'

    🤣 there's too much cuteness in this picture! Love it
  8. Meesh

    So aggressive

    Anyone else have a male who is extremely aggressive only towards other male Hermann's but no other tortoise male or female? "Herman", my 3yr old eastern will not tolerate another male hermann. He is perfectly fine around female hermanns, female & Male russians, basically any other tortoise but...
  9. Meesh


    Are they still really sick? If they aren't showing any improvement soon I'd take em back to the vet for x-rays. Their uri may have turned into pneumonia or have some secondary infection going on. X-ray will also rule out stones and other issues you can't diagnose without it. I've been praying...
  10. Meesh

    Comment by 'Meesh' in media 'Timmy w Slipper .jpg'

    "Herman" my male eastern is kinda the same way. he has absolutely no fear being handled by me but still gets a lil nervous around ppl he doesn't know. Sometimes wants to act more like a human than a tortoise lol smh.. but he's unique, I have 4 other turtles who don't want much to do with humans...
  11. Meesh

    Comment by 'Meesh' in media 'IMG954750.jpg'

    Lol he/she is looking at you like "this is not food bruh, wheres the food" 😂 cute
  12. Meesh


    & I didnt mean to sound insensitive, I.k you lost one of your turtles as well, so sorry for that, I.k how rough it is. Hope those guys get better asap. Its such a helpless feeling when they're sick.
  13. Meesh


    Has the vet given an x-ray? One of my female hermanns had the same symptoms but it wasnt a uri at all. When he did an x-ray to check for pneumonia he found a large bladder stone. Her symptoms were Congestion, lethargy, not lifting her back legs to walk, opening her mouth to breath bc she was...
  14. Meesh

    Tortoise Feet

    Lil hermann legs!
  15. Meesh

    6th vertebral scute?

    Crazy maybe but psycho is a lil strong 😂 but yes I know what you're referring to. that post where I asked ppl not to jump on me telling me 8 was wrong for the way I housed one of my hermanns & this one girl just wouldn't stop lol.. Yeah that post was someth else..
  16. Meesh

    Im finding little balls in my encloser

    What kind of substrate are you using? Those look like the moisture beads found in potting soil..
  17. Meesh

    6th vertebral scute?

    Thanks, I normally wouldn't buy from petco bc I don't like how they house & treat their animals before they get to the store But her crazy little personality caught my attn.
  18. Meesh

    Different testudo breeds hanging out

    Yeah thats the only concerns ive come across online as well besides cross breeding but I'm just talking females. Would the germs they carry really vary that much being in the same testudo family? I have allowed my female hermanns and female Russians to sun bathe together & its seems they don't...
  19. Meesh

    Different testudo breeds hanging out

    Just curious what ppl's opinions would be on different breeds of the testudo family of the same sex "mingling" for lack of a better word. For example female Hermann's & female Russians basking outside together? Is there danger or harm in that?