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  1. Tbaldwin7725

    Hatchling no poop in 5 days

    Henrie is a 3 month old Russian tortoise. I have a T5 strip light about 12 inches from his shell. I've been growing my own weeds so he was getting mostly plantain, lambs lettuce, pansy leaves, bellflower with some escarole and red/green lettuce mixture but I recently ran out of the weeds until...
  2. Tbaldwin7725

    Hatchling no poop in 5 days

    Hi my Henrie is about 3 months. He was pooping every day sometimes skipping a day or two here and there. I'm worried because he hasn't pooped in 5 days now. Everything else is totally normal. Pee and urates normal eating good, active. I've tried extra soaks and letting him roam around his room...
  3. Tbaldwin7725

    Hatchling sitting in water bowl for hours today

    My baby 2 month old Russian never used to even get into his water bowl but today he has been sitting in it for hours! I recently changed up his enclosure a bit because I was being told his HHH are was to cold so the CHE area is set to 80-81 now and he did sleep in it last night for the first...
  4. Tbaldwin7725

    Russian hatchling weight

    I have a Russian hatchling born 10-9-21 when I got him he was around 35 grams then about two weeks ago he was sitting around 45g but the last two weeks he has been 43g and now kind of fluctuating between 42g-43g this morning ... should I be worried? He is eating good and going to the bathroom...
  5. Tbaldwin7725

    Using organic liquid fertilizer in aerogarden safe??

    This is my little guy Henrie he was born 10-9-21 and I'm new at this. I have been growing my own weeds for him but I would really love to get a hydroponic system like an aerogarden. My question is is it ok to use liquid fertilizer in this since it needs some Collins of nutrients to grow the...