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  1. Meesh

    Male having hard time adjusting to larger female

    Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had trouble putting a larger female with a smaller male? My male hermann has adjusted to many females but they've always been smaller than him. He's being abnormally aggressive towards her, only difference is her size. Normally I can just put a female in the...
  2. Meesh

    So aggressive

    Anyone else have a male who is extremely aggressive only towards other male Hermann's but no other tortoise male or female? "Herman", my 3yr old eastern will not tolerate another male hermann. He is perfectly fine around female hermanns, female & Male russians, basically any other tortoise but...
  3. Meesh

    Different testudo breeds hanging out

    Just curious what ppl's opinions would be on different breeds of the testudo family of the same sex "mingling" for lack of a better word. For example female Hermann's & female Russians basking outside together? Is there danger or harm in that?
  4. Meesh

    6th vertebral scute?

    I recently got a new female juvenile Hermann’s tortoise. I noticed she has 6 vertebral scutes. She seems good but in terms of growing can she lead a normal healthy turtle life? Also she was sold to me as an Eastern but that "keyhole" shape in the 5th vertebral scute suggests she's a western.. ?
  5. Meesh

    Tort shell rot (plastron)

    I bought a Hermann's tortoise recently from the pet store. He was half off bc he has 2 "gouges" holes forming on his plastron. I have 4 other healthy torts, I've never dealt with any kind of shell issues.. I have tried betadine, Silver x, (which takes care of both fungal & bacterial), & Triple...
  6. Meesh

    Free roam of the house

    Hi, im not here to have anyone tell me im right or wrong for how I raise my tortoises. Im here to see if anyone else houses theirs the same & give my opinion & experience on free roaming/cage free. I started with 2 Hermann's torts. Male & female. The pet store claimed they were "paired" and...
  7. Meesh

    Wild mushrooms?

    Herman & I live out in the middle of nowhere so he loves to take me on walks in the woods.. Watching him explore/smell/climb/taste the different things he would in the wild is too cute but seeing how they're not native to the United states, Is there anyth I should keep him away from besides the...
  8. Meesh

    Not sure? (How old or what size are they mature?)

    Hello! Ive tried to do some research on google but i dont find the answers im looking for. I have 2 hermanns, a 5ish yr old male & a 3ish yr old female. Im housing them together. They get along GREAT! at what age do hermanns reach sexual maturity? He will clearly get there before her and if so...