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  1. christinaland128

    Why is my tortoise eating his substrate?

    What kind of bulb are you using for heat? If you use a red bulb, it makes everything appear to be red and they will sometimes eat non food items out of confusion.
  2. christinaland128

    Murphy's Mugshots

    He’s so lovely!😍
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    Redfoot care sheet via Northeast North America

    As a resident in Michigan, I I am very appreciative of this post. I have been doing similar care techniques for the last seven years and I can honestly agree that it works. My Michigan boys are smooth and healthy. I also find it incredibly frustrating when southern caregivers place...
  4. christinaland128

    Lets see some Redfoots!

    Redfoots are the best! Here are Bubbles and Potato on the last warm day in Michigan. Looking forward to spring!😁
  5. christinaland128

    Heating for my Cherry Heads

    I agree with above. Closed chambers is the way to go. I’m in Michigan so it’s very cold here as well. I used to struggle with temps until I added a tent top. Seen below in the pictures. I used a Lifetime Raised Garden Bed with tent top. You can search amazon and find tent tops to somehow add on...
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    Welcome! Redfoots are the best! This forum is a great place to learn. You’re in good hands! 😁
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    light/heat help

    I agree with him about the Facebook crazies LOL. That’s why any information I share on that page is directly from the tortoise Forum. This should definitely be your primary source for information.😁
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    Can I get some help sexing my redfoots?

    Thank you! I’ve got two handsome boys.😁
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    New owner - separate Hermanns and Russian or!

    Even if they’ve been housed together for years, it doesn’t mean it’s ok unfortunately. To the untrained eye, you could be missing signs of stress or bullying. Also, like Tom said, pairs are a recipe for disaster. They don’t need friends. They will thrive more without the competition for space...
  10. christinaland128

    light/heat help

    He a very handsome fella! Personally I would try to cover the whole enclosure if possible. Otherwise you will loose heat and humidity. Humidity is very important if you want his shell to grow smooth and not bumpy. You can learn about “pyramiding” here on the forum. Also good variety in his...
  11. christinaland128

    Christina's Reds (PICS)

    Bubble’s booty. Forgot this pic..
  12. christinaland128

    light/heat help

    One more thing about substrate. You are correct is saying they can get shell fungus from too much moisture. Don’t stress about it! Your entire enclosure doesnt have to be 80-90 humidity. What you want is a decent ambient humidity like 60% and some nice humid hides. If you accidentally...
  13. christinaland128

    light/heat help

    Hi there! Congrats on your new addition! Let me start by saying Redfoots are incredible tortoises! I’ve had my boys for 7 years now and they are simply the best.😁 If you look here on the forum under South American Tortoises, you will find tons of info on good setups and proper...
  14. christinaland128

    Can I get some help sexing my redfoots?

    Here are some pics of my boy at 2 years and 6 years for comparison.
  15. christinaland128

    Can I get some help sexing my redfoots?

    They are definitely not 3 months old. More like 2 years old. They’re still a bit young to determine sex. You’ll get a better guess at 5-6 years old. Right now that one on the left is looking female because of the rounded anal scutes.
  16. christinaland128

    Christina's Reds (PICS)

    @tortadise what would you say is the locality of my boy Bubbles?
  17. christinaland128

    Do red foot tortoises likes to eat poo?

    Dinner is served.💩💩💩🤣