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  1. Maidens Hill Farm

    Unpopular question

    I’m assuming I’m going to be put down here but I have to ask. Does anyone here have a Sulcata sharing a home / yard with a rabbit ? I know they live safely alone but I’ve also seen photos of bunnies with tortoises living together. My kids and I would love another pet and our Chello ( 7 year old...
  2. Maidens Hill Farm

    Chose to stay out at night

    Chello is a 49 pound Male Sulcata who is 6 years old. He has a nice insulated enclosure with a doggie door. It usually stays 70 to 90 degrees inside, the closer to the door being cooler at night here in VA. last night he chose to stay outside to sleep. It was a low of 51 and he was dug down...
  3. Maidens Hill Farm

    How much dry food or greens ?

    How do I know how much Mizurri food to feed. My guy is about 40 pounds. We are buying greens also since his yard is under snow right now 😬. ( he’s in a heated home of course ).
  4. Maidens Hill Farm

    Video surveillance ideas

    Hey all. I have a underground, insulated hut for my 6 year old Sulcata, Chello. I’m use Govee to monitor temps but the fact that the house is kind of underground makes it hard to keep internet connection for the Ap to show me temps. My questions: 1. Does anyone have experience using Eero...
  5. Maidens Hill Farm

    A few questions regarding breathing sounds

    Monty Chello is my 4.5 year old Sulcata.. sweetest guy ever. After owning him for four months..I hear some breathing sounds and I can see his head move when he breathes off and on. It seems a bit labored sometimes so I’m trying to diagnose a reason. I hear temp and humidity is usually the...
  6. Maidens Hill Farm

    Chello's ins and outs

    Hello all. My 4 yo Sully (20 inch) is loving his new out door house and yard. He has an insulated home (buried) and the plastic strips on his door for easy entrance / exit. It still cold outside off and on here in Virginia (USa), so I have slowly been leaving the doors open on 'borderline' cold...
  7. Maidens Hill Farm


    I am trying to educate myself about our local weeds I found this helpful for ID...!vam Just wanted to share and I am certainly on the hunt for other sites w photos.
  8. Maidens Hill Farm

    Outdoor hobbit (Sully) hut

    Well, 3 weeks later we may be done! The pics show off all of the details. We pick up Monty Chello from the rescue tomorrow, so I'm super excited. We worked so hard to create this buried hobbit house of a home, creating some natural insulation. Check it out!! Im open to advice, of course! Thanks...
  9. Maidens Hill Farm

    Weed id and food questions for new Sulcata

    We have been creating a beautiful structure for our new Sulcata adoption Chello. He is arriving this Sunday! (4 year old, about 20 inch male). We have his home and yard set up, but now I'm stressing the food situation, since we are due for snow on pick up day! 1. If I cut grass and weeds do...
  10. Maidens Hill Farm

    new adult Sulcata: light / heat q's outdoor

    Man, I have gone down the rabbit hole of Forum posts, trying to absorb much needed info. Huge thanks to all these experienced owners. I feel like Im on a first named basis with folks Ive never even met! My husband keeps asking who TOM and Yvonne are! I skipped an intro post before, so I figured...
  11. Maidens Hill Farm

    Specifics for Sulcata winter house re: Tom's design

    Greetings! I am adopting a 4 yo male Sulcata soon and creating a home before hand. We are going to build the house designed by Tom in a previous thread, if anyone is familiar. My husband is a builder so I am lucky! That said, Ive been thinking about how they like to burrow. Does anyone think...