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  1. vocalisa

    In the event of...

    I was wondering, could there be an emergency list of a tortoise owning buddy in the same region as an owner, who could provide temporary guardianship or info/help in the event of the death of an owner?
  2. vocalisa

    Hi from Gamera in Virginia.

  3. vocalisa

    Creepy box turtle sighting

    Okay I'm just going to mention this to get it off my mind. Earlier this year I stopped to move a box turtle off the road. I like to inspect them when I move them, usually, but this one creeped me out and I moved it and moved on. It seemed to have not been recently injured. Recently, being...
  4. vocalisa

    Look who was in my driveway today!

    Look who was in my driveway today! Photo to follow...
  5. vocalisa

    Update on baby gamera

    Here is my tortoise who is now about 3 months old. People on the forum thought he might be a cross breed. His skin color seems to be mottled sometimes.
  6. vocalisa

    Florida tort who was walking down the sidewalk

    Florida gopher tortoise who was walking down the sidewalk.
  7. vocalisa

    Signs of UV damage?

    Are there signs that too much UV in the environment has caused burns? Can hatchlings get a "sun tan"?
  8. vocalisa

    At least six turtles on "turtle island" today...

    It's 50 degrees in Stafford, VA today and the wooden float I built for my backyard pond (turtle island) is hosting at least six sliders right now. I can count them when I use field glasses. Sweet!
  9. vocalisa

    Status of my little guy: good

    So far my baby Gamera is doing well. He is eating, walking, sleeping in his hide at night. I did see him drink from his water bowl this morning. (Although he gets soaks I had never seen him drink in there.) Only thing I have yet to see is some excrement. The group consensus was that he may...
  10. vocalisa

    Aging a Sulcata?

    Hi, I am new. Does anyone have general info about aging a "baby"? Like inches long, appearance of underside of shell?