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    Breakfast in the bath of his own volition lol
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    Tort buns
  5. RatQueen_Irene

    Tortoise nightmare?

    To give some idea and perspective of why people are saying they have metabolic bone disease, the top image is a healthy sulcata. The bottom one is similar to yours with spikey scutes and a bent-in shell, caused primarily by not having UVB (if looking for which to get, the most reliable is a T5...
  6. RatQueen_Irene

    Sex of 4 inch Hermann

    Thanks! May be haha we'll see
  7. RatQueen_Irene

    Sex of 4 inch Hermann

    Hello, my eastern hermann tort is probably still a little young, but I heard you can sex them sometimes at above 4 inches long, and the tort is a bit longer than that measuring straight horizontally down the shell. Casually curious, as the tort was I believe temperature sexed at a higher chance...
  8. RatQueen_Irene

    Thank you to the tortoise forum!

    Just wanted to say thank you all for giving me advice in the beginning and seeing all the advice given in the past, I'm so glad I found you when I did. I thought I had everything together, but there probably would have been pyramiding due to ambient humidity issues, and he has a nice varied...
  9. RatQueen_Irene

    Hermann owners!

    Lovely torts! I love seeing all the pattern variation there can be. Mine is an eastern hermanns from TortStork. Kepler as a hatchling and around 6 months :) He now uses his original bath dish as a water bowl, grew from 1.25 inches to around 3.5 inches long haha May be female, we'll have to...
  10. RatQueen_Irene

    White Ring Around Hermann Neck

    For anyone who finds this in the future, it turned out to be a juvenile shedding stage! The previous scales had been stained heavily by using one brand of coco coir over another, and they were coming off in a normal shed growth spurt to reveal unstained scales below. There was no redness or...
  11. RatQueen_Irene

    Help? Gender and type

    Based on the type of scales on its legs at this age and splotchiness of the pattern I think it might actually be a Greek tortoise? The care is the same though as the link above :>
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    New bigger bath :>
  13. RatQueen_Irene

    Some extra veggies for breakfast

    In his sunning box disclaimer, has a full enclosure with substrate and all c:
  14. RatQueen_Irene

    Keeping Humidity Up Hatchling Eastern Hermann

    Oh this is a long while ago, whole new enclosure setup now. His name is Kepler
  15. RatQueen_Irene

    Owner of a baby Herman tortoise

    If you leave him be, does he come out late in the afternoon? When my hermann tortoise was a hatchling he woke up around 2pm sometimes, if it doesn't it might be that it's too cold potentially Maybe some description of your setup and temps would help, or pictures if you have them?
  16. RatQueen_Irene

    Owner of a baby Herman tortoise

    What a cute little tort c: While babies do tend to sleep a lot and it might not necessarily be an issue with care, it's good to double check that conditions are comfortable Hatchlings in particular need higher temps and humidity, and more cover as they feel very vulnerable and exposed, making...
  17. RatQueen_Irene

    New Ball Python, Apepi c:

    He's doing great! Not scared at all, climbs all over the place at night, voluntarily comes out to explore, eats every week on schedule without issue c: I have him on frozen thawed rat fuzzies about the size of a small adult mouse I shipped in bulk I'd love to see some of your normals! They're...
  18. RatQueen_Irene

    My sulcata will not eat it’s prepared diet

    I've seen success soaking them, then mixing them up with preferred greens once they're hydrated, good luck!
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    Bath time for Kepler, my eastern hermann buddy c: