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  1. RatQueen_Irene

    Sex of 4 inch Hermann

    Hello, my eastern hermann tort is probably still a little young, but I heard you can sex them sometimes at above 4 inches long, and the tort is a bit longer than that measuring straight horizontally down the shell. Casually curious, as the tort was I believe temperature sexed at a higher chance...
  2. RatQueen_Irene

    Thank you to the tortoise forum!

    Just wanted to say thank you all for giving me advice in the beginning and seeing all the advice given in the past, I'm so glad I found you when I did. I thought I had everything together, but there probably would have been pyramiding due to ambient humidity issues, and he has a nice varied...
  3. RatQueen_Irene

    Some extra veggies for breakfast

    In his sunning box disclaimer, has a full enclosure with substrate and all c:
  4. RatQueen_Irene

    New Ball Python, Apepi c:

    Through confidence gained in tortoise care, I've brought home my second and final reptile for at least 30 years, Apepi, a 3 month old male super pastel het clown ball python c:
  5. RatQueen_Irene

    Kepler's Growth

    He's grown so much, from 1.25 inches to 3 inches in 5 months c:
  6. RatQueen_Irene

    Humid Enclosure Idea for Juvenile Hermann

    I've finally found something that works really well for me, and I wanted to share for those with similar issues, and for feedback! The container is 21 by 39 inches, 17 inches high, with opaque sides. I have 4-5 inches of coco coir substrate, soaked from bricks to remove dust and squeezed for...
  7. RatQueen_Irene

    White Ring Around Hermann Neck

    I wanted to make sure this wasn't a sign of illness or injury - there's a white band around my eastern hermann tortoise's neck, just behind the head. It spans all the way around and is usually hidden in the initial fold there except when enthusiastically eating. Is it new growth, where the...
  8. RatQueen_Irene

    Hatchling Stomach Shell Normal?

    Hello, I had only briefly seen my hatchling eastern hermann tortoise's underside, knowing they hate to be flipped over and it being dangerous, him only having arrived a few days ago. I've since noticed a sort of strange bumpy pattern near the center line. Is this normal? He's in a high...
  9. RatQueen_Irene

    Is this Nipplewort?

    I'm having a hard time telling if this is nipplewort or not, this is the tallest one and what I thought may be easiest to identify. Using several plant identifiers all that comes up is that though. The leaves seem a bit more rounded? In particular the bottom leaves seem most different in growth...
  10. RatQueen_Irene

    Oregon Greetings c:

    Hello all! Thought I should make a formal introduction since I plan to be here a while haha My name is Irene, I'm a second-year PhD student attending OSU in the Water Resources Science program along with my new hatchling friend, Kepler. He's an eastern hermann's tortoise and quite the active...
  11. RatQueen_Irene

    Keeping Humidity Up Hatchling Eastern Hermann

    Hello, nice to meet you all! My hatchling eastern hermann's tortoise is arriving tomorrow and I'm very excited, decided to name him Kepler (after the telescope) haha I have everything I think I need to make a good enclosure, having read everything I could get my hands on the past two years...