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  1. AprilOneilTurtle

    Why is my box turtle in her water bowl all day and night?

    So since i've brought home my box turtle (who knows what her age is) she only goes in her water bowl, once a day, sometimes not at all. But for the past 2 days, she's been hanging in her water pool all day and night, she has not left once. I am a bit worried. Although, she is still aware of her...
  2. AprilOneilTurtle

    Taking a Dip in the Pool

    Oh you know, just taking a dip in the pool because i'm thirsty GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!!
  3. AprilOneilTurtle

    Messy eater, I am!

    what a messy eater, she just swallowed up a superworm! She is such a character already! She is such a pretty lady, i’m obsessed!
  4. AprilOneilTurtle

    Box turtles don't like greens?

    I've had my box turtle since Thanksgiving. So far I haven't seen him eat her greens! I've only discovered he loves worms & strawberries. I've tried carrots, broccolis, kale, lettuce, bok choy, bananas & other berries, still no. I've prob only seen him bit a lettuce once or twice, that's all...
  5. AprilOneilTurtle

    Male or Female, what's my age?

    I'm trying to get familiar with this forum, so far it's been very helpful! In the pictures, I used flash on my camera, she took a dip in the warm water bucket pool after along day of me being away from work, she loved it! So here's to why I think my box turtle is a female (btw, i just adopted...
  6. AprilOneilTurtle

    Hello New Turtle Only

    OOPSIE, I meant new TURTLE OWNER!**** Please see my thread below. I'd love everyone's opinion and suggestions. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  7. AprilOneilTurtle

    New Turtle Owner: What kind of Box Turtle do I have?

    Hello all, first and foremost, i'd like to thank you in advance for stopping by and helping me out, as I am a new turtle owner. I found this turtle in my mom's backyard 2 years ago, my mom's been taking care of her since. Just last week, we both decided that I'd take her home. Since then i've...