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  1. BreadIsPain

    The right tortoise for me.

    I live in Tampa Florida (West Florida), and I was wondering if getting a Russian Tortoise would be the best option. I've not had any other reptiles and I want to make sure the climate here is suitable with a Russian tortoise.
  2. BreadIsPain

    Buying an enclosure.

    Is there a place I can buy a enclosure for a russian tortoise, or do I have to build it myself? I will want him to be comfortable.
  3. BreadIsPain

    Trees blocking UV light.

    I have been preparing to get a russian tortoise for a few days now and im making sure everything is perfect. My backyard has giant trees blocking out most of the sun. Is it ok to put the enclosure under the trees, or do I need to find a sunny spot? Thank you
  4. BreadIsPain

    Everything I need for a russian tortoise.

    Hello! Im from Tampa, Florida and Im looking into getting a russian tortoise. Ive researched their behavior and im planning on getting a male. What are all the required items to care for one properly. I need to know what kind of enclosure, what should be inside the enclosure, the type of lights...
  5. BreadIsPain

    Russian Tortoise Pregnant without mate?

    Im incredibly new to the whole tortoise scene, and I was thinking about getting a russian tortoise to start. I was just wondering what are the chances of a female getting pregnant without a mate and whether I should get a male or a female? Thank you :)