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  1. AZGirl

    Stand Your Ground - A Day in the Life of a DT

    A fine sunny summer day at the home of Parker the DT. Two young hens wander in from the neighbors yard. Parker’s Mom sees them while getting his food ready & gets them some seed. All seems fine, Parker is eating, hens are pecking seed. Suddenly (as sudden as a tortoise gets), Parker looks up...
  2. AZGirl

    DT blood On mouth

    Went out to soak DT this morning and he had some blood on his mouth. He let me wipe it gently with a wet paper towel. His tongue is a perfect light pink color. I cannot see the source of the blood. I rinsed him he drank and I put him up on Surface to try and get pics. I think his mouth looks ok...
  3. AZGirl

    More questions on DT

    A few weeks ago, I was concerned about overheating & dehydration of my 7 yo DT Parker. Now, I’m wondering, since it’s monsoon and he spends almost all time outside, is he too cool? I was observing him the other day & he kept closing his eyes a lot. He also acted like he had something stuck in...
  4. AZGirl

    Help!! Do I have an emergency? Heat DT AZ.

    Couldn’t find Parker this morning. He has whole yard, can’t get out. But when I finally did, he’s under shed for shade. It is now 99 out and he’s not moving, except his head. I moved water over there as far as I can reach and some food. He still in same spot in shade, but it is really hot. I am...
  5. AZGirl

    Mopey Desert Tortoise

    Parker woke up April 3. He seemed to be doing okay. Eating, drinking, pooping. I’ve been soaking him each day, almost every day and let him out in yard (completely fenced) for the warmest part of day. He was taking walks and grazing, but today, after eating and soak, He basked, then went to...
  6. AZGirl

    Substrate question.

    Tortoise supply seems to be out of stock of substrates. Was wondering if this one is okay for DT?
  7. AZGirl

    DT Waking up - Activity Delay?

    Parker, my 7 yr old DT woke up after 16 weeks, drank some water, went back to sleeping for abt 3 days. Woke up again, I‘ve started warming him up slowly providing food and water, soaked 2days as it warmed outside. Now it has cooled down again. How long can it take for DT to come up in activity...
  8. AZGirl

    DT - transitioning to hibernation

    Hi All, Parker had his first summer outside this year. He even slept out at night. It is now getting down to abt 50 degrees, 48 last night. So he’s sleeping inside abt a week. how should I make the transition....I bring him in earlier and take out later already. Last year, he just slept in his...
  9. AZGirl

    Help! DT MIA.

    Hello all, I’ve been bringing my DT in at night as nights have been cooling. Take him out in day, soak feed and have enclosed yard. He is always one place when I get him in eve. This eve, can’t find him. Found small hole under fence, not sure if he could fit....anyway it’s dark now, I searched...
  10. AZGirl

    DT just peed milk looking pee!!!

    Parker, my Sonoran Desert Tortoise just peed about 1/4 cup of what looked like milk. Have only caught him peeing that much a cpl times, he was scared. But, it was clear. , I had just finished soaking him abt 15 min and moved him to eat. Came to check and it looked like spilled milk! He was...
  11. AZGirl

    Desert Tortoise Newbie.

    Hi, I inherited Parker 2 summers ago. So he will be getting ready for his 2nd hibernation with me (indoors). This is his first year outside during summer. He is a very very picky eater. Wants to eat only romaine. I can get him to eat some other stuff sometimes. Anyway, I’m worried because his...