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    Stagger step?!

    My 90lb male sulcata has a double step also. I think its just a lazy way of draging his back legs. Dosen't do it when he is in a hurry. I have shallow furrows in the dirt where he walks.
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    Heatpad for small torts?

    I use seed mats with my sully hatchlings as well. CHE overhead near the hide and basking area. . I also have one under the water dish which makes them self soak. All are regulated with rheoztates and mini temp gouges. I also soak manually. Diligent temperature attention compared with heat gun...
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    There's one that has temp/hum settings that are helpful. I've used both models. I hang a mimi temp gage and put the other end at egg level to monitor unit without gages. Always good to have more than one monitor. These units tend to overheat if room temps get too high. Good luck. Nothing more...
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    Our little radiateds

    They sure are cute. Great job!
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    Sulcata sex?

    Thanks Yvoone. I hoped it was a girl. Will she settle down?
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    Sulcata sex?

    I have a 5+ year old sulcata. It's 19 pounds and 14 inches long. The carapace is flat and the tail seems short to ne. This one displays all the male activities very aggressively. Trys to mate the smaller 2. Gets right in the face of mr 90lb. female. I have a smaller sully half the size thar is...
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    Question about humidity levels in a closed chamber and misting.

    Thanks Maro. I'll purchase another one and see how long it lasts. Any other recommendations other than Acurite?
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    Question about humidity levels in a closed chamber and misting.

    I have one too. Love it. I'm constantly comparing all the devices against each other. Every one gives a slightly different reading. Any reliable humidity device?
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    Question about humidity levels in a closed chamber and misting.

    I also have closed chambers for hatchlings. What I'm frustrated with is Acurite temperature gages that stop working after 3 or 4 months. The digital display malfunctions and only partial numbers are visible. Nothing I do can correct this. New batteries or cleaning the contacts have worked. I've...
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    Nova the sulcata

    Is this normal behavior for 4-5 year old sulcatas? They are 10 inches long. His man bits have been observed.
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    Not getting tortoise forum emails.

    I'm still not sure why there was a change. What box? I've been a member amost 2 years. Where do i check the box and does the new server affect whether i get or don't get TFO ?
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    Not getting tortoise forum emails.

    I get them in my gmail account. They are mostly tortoise and chelonia related inquiries and replies. I don't have a spam account. I've learned a lot here and enjoy the interaction from all the members around the world. Thank you for any resolution here.
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    Not getting tortoise forum emails.

    Trtlvr here... I'm still not receiving tortoise forum emails. The last one was on Dec 12th. Sure miss all the discussions and members.
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    How To Weigh A Large Tortoise

    Jan 4, 2022. 90 lbs.
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    Mary K (warning..long and boring)

    Not boring at all! Spent lots of time and energy raising my torts block wall to 3. This is what i came home to. I get so frustrated. No one seems to share my passion or help me with any degree of concern that pairs need to live separate. Feeling your pain. Glad you found her.
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    How to get the torts to like Mazuri

    You may regret wanting them to grow too fast. Enjoy their natural progression.
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    Handle suggestions for sliding glass

    I don't need these but I have to have them. Very cute!
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    Food and water dishes

    I use those Rubbermaid boot/shoe trays at Walmart found in the outdoor foot mat section. At less than $5 it's a great deal. I also used them inside the night house when the torts were smaller.
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    Shipping 40 lbs of sulcatas rejected fedex

    Nice information for future reference. Always good to have experienced insights.
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    Heater Suggestions

    The house I'm replacing is 36x32. I'm designing a new one about 48x48. Thanks for your input. I will look into heat panels and i already have a kane mat. The other house is 44x30. My 2 sullys are about 95 lb. What size do you recommend? I'm hoping they won't get much bigger.