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  1. Turtulas-Len

    Turtle Beach

    The Smithsonian Channel is rebroadcasting this show on Tuesday May 3rd at 11 am. I watched it a few days ago and it is fascinating with great videos with sounds of the eggs in the nest and how the pre hatchlings communicate with each other getting ready to make their way to the surface all at...
  2. Turtulas-Len

    Spotted The First Snake of the year.

    This little guy was right outside the front door today.He is opaque so couldn't see very well which made him nervous.
  3. Turtulas-Len

    Polly is 17 Years Old

    She is the gift I got my wife for our 30th Wedding Anniversary in March 2005. Pics from this evening.
  4. Turtulas-Len

    Heating Cold Weather Tortoise House's

    I have 5 sulcatas that live outside all year and this year we are having what I would call a normal winter. Temperature's have actually been below average, a few days straight below freezing with a low of 19F last night. I've been keeping track of the wattage being used to keep them warm for a...
  5. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel Gave Me Some Gifts

    It started on October 3rd and finished early this morning. This first pic shows their color best.The next 2 they all look gray.Got 2 males and 2 femalesBred her with a small mixed breed named Chuck. They all unlike Rachel have fur.
  6. Turtulas-Len

    Heating Winter Tortoise Houses

    I live where it gets cold during winter. I at the moment have 5 sulcatas of different size and ages. They are from less than 2 years to 25 years old and from about 4 pounds to 150 pounds. They each have their own area and heated house. We are experiencing temperature's that usually don't come...
  7. Turtulas-Len

    Mazuri CU Tortoise Diet Extruded C

    Has anyone tried this? I've never seen it before, Supposed to be better for sulcatas than the 5M21.
  8. Turtulas-Len

    A Baby Black Rat Snake

    Yesterday Abner and Rachel were barking up a storm so went to see what they had found. It was a baby black rat snake.The day before I found a mouse nest with baby mice in one of my containers. I just let them be thinking they were not hurting anything outside. So I took the snake and turned it...
  9. Turtulas-Len

    Do You Think This Will Work

    I had a Hermann's lay eggs on Sept 3 outside and decided to leave them in place for a while. I wanted to leave the eggs in place as long as possible so I made this little bottomless box with a glass top. With one of my homemade heated tiles setting on 4 screws to keep the tile from setting...
  10. Turtulas-Len

    It's That Time Of Year

    To start drying food for winter feeding. Yesterday I used the electric mower to cut some clover and wild violets mixed with other weeds and grasses they were calling for showers so I put the pool under my truck for the night.This morning I spread it out on a piece shower pan liner.If we have...
  11. Turtulas-Len

    Eastern Box Turtles Today

    They were pretty active today. The wet ones were taken in the morning and the rest were taken later in the day123456 The best hunter and my favorite female. 78 This is Tiny910 Alot of this going on this time of year. Theres a couple I didn't see today.
  12. Turtulas-Len

    A New Hatchling

    Spotted this little guy a little after noon today.I'm not sure how long he's been there. He looks great and weighs 18 grams. This is where he will stay for right now.
  13. Turtulas-Len

    2 Bugs

    One I've had 16 years and the other just came out of the ground. The first is the one that just came out of the ground. an annual not one of the broods that stay underground for years. These colors are real, I've never seen one at this stage of morphing into adulthood. In this pic it looks like...
  14. Turtulas-Len

    Donald is 2 Years Old

    He is doing fine. We didn't do anything special to celebrate the occasion, he's spoiled enough already. Some pics from yesterday and today.He is 16 3/4 inches and weighs 26 pounds 10 oz He must be content where he is. The barrier at one end of his enclosure is just a 5/4 x 6 decking board. and...
  15. Turtulas-Len

    Tortoise Legs

    This is a picture of my 25 year sulcatas front right leg. If and when he ever had to close up for protection for any reason I think he would be pretty safeI'm going to try and get some good pics of some of my other tortoises legs for comparison. Would like to see some from other types of...
  16. Turtulas-Len

    What Squirrels Do

    I have 4 concrete planters outside the back door that I don't keep plants in except weeds. Now one has a Pecan tree and another has a Walnut tree growing in them. The squirrels plant nuts every year but this is the first time in these pots. The pecan The walnut I broke the walnut but the tree...
  17. Turtulas-Len

    Vine Identification ?

    There is a new and different kind of vine growing in the front yard, It grows like honeysuckle wrapping around things for support. Any Ideas ?
  18. Turtulas-Len

    Lumber Cost for New Sulcata House

    So far is Zero. Here is what people have brought me so farLumber has gotten expensive so I decided to use reclaimed lumber from demo being done here in town or close by. All I have to do is remove some nails. Today I heard someone dropping lumber out front. So I walked from the back yard and...
  19. Turtulas-Len

    Soon To Be 4 Sulcatas in Virginia

    Several years ago someone stopped by here and gave me a young sulcata that they couldn't care for any longer. I gave it to a neighbor for their grandson that they are raising. With the housing market being a sellers market especially down here the owners of the house that they are renting have...
  20. Turtulas-Len

    Rachel and Abner brought me a Present

    This afternoon both pups were at the back door barking up a storm. This is what they were trying to tell me what they found.It was unharmed but scared to the dead possum mode. A neighbor contacted a possum rescue and messaged me that she was going to the store to pick up what they said this...