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  1. TeamZissou

    How to Make a Clay Pot Hide

    The goal of a terra cotta pot hide is to create a humid hide without spraying the substrate. A standard plastic dish washing tub works great for most species, but for species that cannot handle damp substrate (Egyptians, and maybe Chacos) there is little other choice. With the terra cotta pot...
  2. TeamZissou

    Turtles and Tortoises for Dummies

    I was looking through some old turtle books to get rid of and happened upon this photo of a young A. yniphora and cracked up. Who knew the Madagascar bowsprit tortoise was a very popular pet and is being bred in captivity?? I think I’m going to go down to my local PetsMart and pick one up!
  3. TeamZissou

    Forum Frozen

    What happened to the forum yesterday? Was everything frozen/locked for everyone else? Am I living in the twilight zone?
  4. TeamZissou

    Sulcata Shed Fire in Ohio

    This looks pretty unfortunate. This is a good reminder to be careful about all things electrical. The oxygen masks are neat though.
  5. TeamZissou

    Hypothetical hatchling quarantine question

    I did a bit of searching and didn't see this question addressed anywhere. I read Will's 'bio-security' thread but I am still not clear if the situation I'm envisioning would be OK or not. Say I am going to get two groups of hatchlings from different breeders that are about 1-2 months old and I...
  6. TeamZissou

    Durrells in Corfu

    Has anyone watched this show on Amazon prime/PBS? It's an entertaining and easy watch, plus there are frequent cameos by Hermann's tortoises! It's also pertinent to tortoise stuff since it's about the childhood of Gerry Durrell, who went on to found the Jersey Zoo. The center in Madagascar...