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  1. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    Hi Tortoise Community, The time has come for my little Quick, who is fast becoming big Quick, to leave home ? She had outgrown her closed chamber and was in need of an upgrade. I was considering the idea of using a grow tent (some of the examples on this forum are excellent) but whilst...
  2. Quick

    Mazuri mad

    Honestly, Quick absolutely LOVES mazuri. It’s insane. Check out that face ?
  3. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    I can’t believe how quickly Quick is growing. She has such a lovely personality too, and seems really happy. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Keep safe all ?
  4. Quick

    The Tortoise Who Lost His Shell

    Hi all, I hope every one is keeping safe and well during these times ? I‘ve written a children’s book which I thought I would share with you all ... It’s called “The Tortoise Who Lost His Shell” and, as the title suggest, it’s about a little tortoise who loses his shell. He is saved by the...
  5. Quick

    Tortoise Trust Foundation Course

    Does anyone know anything about the Tortoise Trust Foundation Course? advertised here: Has anyone completed it? Or does anyone know if it’s legit/still running/worthwhile? The course content sounds fascinating, but I question the credibility as the website seems a little...
  6. Quick

    Why I love Leopards ...

    I wanted to share the beautiful changes that are starting to emerge with Quick’s shell. This is why I love Leopard tortoises, you never quite know what your tortoise will look like as an adult. She was mostly black as a hatchling, but all her new shell growth is coming through as a striking...