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  1. 1wildtiger

    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to show off my two new enclosures that were made by @Markw84 . I needed to separate my 2 year old Eastern Hermann’s, Tikki and Tavi. It was definitely time to give them each their own place. Mark did an amazing job and I can’t say enough about these awesome...
  2. 1wildtiger

    New Cover For Table Top Enclosure!!

    Hi guys!! I wanted to show you my little greenhouse cover that I got from Amazon. I am ordering two closed chamber enclosures, with expansions, for my two E. Hermann’s, from Mark W.. In the meantime, I was able to find the perfect cover for the 48”x24” table top. I’m finally getting an awesome...
  3. 1wildtiger

    Hello from Alexandria, Virginia!!! Counting all my mistakes!

    Hello from Alexandria, Virginia!! I am a huge animal lover and have had all kinds of animals/reptiles throughout the years. I currently am a mom to 2 Chihuahuas, a Pomeranian, a guinea pig, a rescue red eared slider and now 2 juvenile Eastern Hermann’s tortoises. I lost my beloved 27 year old...