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    Sulcata sex?

    I have a 5+ year old sulcata. It's 19 pounds and 14 inches long. The carapace is flat and the tail seems short to ne. This one displays all the male activities very aggressively. Trys to mate the smaller 2. Gets right in the face of mr 90lb. female. I have a smaller sully half the size thar is...
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    Not getting tortoise forum emails.

    Trtlvr here... I'm still not receiving tortoise forum emails. The last one was on Dec 12th. Sure miss all the discussions and members.
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    Tortoise enclosures

    Just saw this at Costco. Would be great for small animals and ones that are young.
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    Hatchling sulcatas (dented shell)

    I have had some hatchlings with slight to very pronounced dents in the shells. Is there any reason or something I can do to prevent this? Is it better to soak then feed or feed then soak? Very greatful for any response. This is such a good source if reliable information.