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  1. jcase

    Thoughts on sex, platynota?

    I know it is too young/small at ~400grams, just asking for guesses, looking a bit female to me
  2. jcase

    Twerking Radiated Tortoise

  3. jcase

    Baskin' Pan's Box Turtle

    One of the two has figured out the new more powerful basking bulbs, and is enjoying it quite often. Beautiful girls and this one is certainly not shy, her basking spot sits within view of my office chair.
  4. jcase

    Platynota temperature sex determination

    TSD incubation temperatures have been published and appears consistent, I believe it was @zovick that published on it, I do know I read two papers, one on it and one that touched on it. However, I've done a lot of work on thermostats (mid process of designing/testing my own). I bought almost...
  5. jcase

    "Facultative viviparity" (live birth) in tortoises

    Bit click bait-ish, not really live birth but almost?. The claim is that the tortoise retained eggs due to unusually hot weather, and laid them on the surface of the ground just days before they hatched. I say claim because i wonder if these were just eggs from a missed nest that some predator...
  6. jcase

    Merry Christmas

    My youngest has joined us, well almost its not a tortoise but a C. flavomarginata.
  7. jcase

    Jay Frewer -

    Jay is a class act. I picked up a Cuora cycloranta from him, then on short notice had him add a flavomarginata for my daughter as her Christmas gift. He held them until shipping conditions were more appropriate. I got both a 20% discount, and free shipping due to his black friday sale. Now, I...
  8. jcase

    "I don't care, you can get all the turtles you want"

    My wife upon learning I picked up a Cuora cyclornata. Now Ive known she is the best wife for a long time, but I'm not sure if she really understands what she just said. She never saw the "collection" when it was in full swing. The few dozen I have now don't even compare.
  9. jcase

    Adding non-native species to the ESA hampers preservation of the species

    USFWS is adding more non native species, including the egyption tortoise, to the ESA list. Adding non-native species (like the egyption tortoise) hampers preservation of the species. It...
  10. jcase

    Marking water turtles

    Can anyone recommend a paint to mark water turtles with? I have always used paint pens, posco etc but with aquatics my the markings are just not lasting at all.
  11. jcase

    Aquatic Cuora diet

    I'm struggling with getting my Cuora "amboinensis"/"oxyslopp"/"whatever they will be named next week" - Palawan box turtles to eat vegetable matter. 3 are adults, 1 is a subadult, so they should be up for greens at this point. I've kept adult ambos before, but have never had picky ones before...
  12. jcase

    Commercially available incubators

    In looking for a few recommendations of good incubators for some tests, reverse engineering and comparison. I'm developing my own (from scratch including pcb and pid control software). I have the good old standard of a hovabator. Any good recommendations would be appreciated.
  13. jcase

    Filter options for waterland tubs

    I picked up a but unforunately it needs to be below water level, which isn't easy for a large waterland tub with a sallow pool of water. Anyone have any recommendations? In a bind now, need filteration going ASAP.
  14. jcase

    Cris Hagen (TSA) is great

    Very happy with the group of Cuora I got from Cris, I believe the price was right and he has taken much time with me to discuss the genus in general. If I see him selling something again, I will probably jump on it.
  15. jcase

    New group, Palawan box turtles (Cuora sp)

    Received these from Cris Hagen today, 1.3 (1.2 adult, juvenile pictured) Similar to Cuora amboinensis, but mid process of being described as it's own species. Smaller than amboinensis, single egg layer, creme coloration on head. The have only been here for a couple hours but seem to be very...
  16. jcase

    Heating a medium water land tub

    I just picked up my first group of waterland water tubs, and I want to out them to use. One is a medium that I need to heat the water to a minimum of 70f (Max of 90f). My garage can reach 45f. I've not used waterland tubs before, nor housed species in such low temp environments. Any water...
  17. jcase

    Sigh indoor garden with unwanted guest plants

    Small vent for the day I setup a grow tent, planted endive, chicory, dandelions and some various lettuces, entire 9 yards. The prices on the good stuff keeps rising locally, and I figured between gas and $5 endive bundles I would make out okay with LED grow lights and a tent. ... The soil was...
  18. jcase

    Pyxis planicauda and Pyxis arachnoides

    Looking for both Pyxis species, all 3 subspecies of the arachnoides These are for a future breeding program, and are not for resale (this seems to be a common concern of Pyxis breeders). Willing to sign a right of first refusal if desired. Located in North Carolina, and I'm willing to wait for...
  19. jcase

    Handle suggestions for sliding glass

    I've recently moved to enclosures with sliding glass fronts, as I needed to be able to stack them with the number of juveniles I have now. My problem is, its hard to open them without just pressing my palm against them, which means I'm cleaning the glass after each time I open then. Does...
  20. jcase

    aldabrachelys abrupta

    Added something a bit different to the "collection" this week. Trying to obtain a specimen of each Madagascar tortoise (that I legally can). On the hunt for a grandidieri fossil now.