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  1. Tolis

    Grouping by age / sex

    Good afternoon everyone. I need some advice for my greek torts. I have 2 adults male and female around 20 years old 2 male adolescents around 4 and 5 years old 7 babies 2 years old The adult female is kept in a separate pen alone so does the adult male. The two adolescents turned out to be...
  2. Tolis

    Minimum temps during brumation

    Tonight will be the coldest night since a long, long time for my area, it will drop to zero celcius / 32 Fahrenheit. Normally the coldest it gets during winter is 5 celsius/ 41F never where water freezes. I got some baby greeks that brumate for the first time and I was wondering what temp is too...
  3. Tolis

    Where to report illegal trade

    An egyptian reached out to me offering to sell me radiated torts. I asked for Cites and pics, what he sent me made me really angry and sad. I reported him to Hoping they do something about it. Is there a more relavant organization/website I should...
  4. Tolis

    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    I was sad to see that Jerry lost a 26 year old tortoise when it was run over by thieves. Members here with expensive tortoises should not hesitate to invest heavily in security.
  5. Tolis

    Wrapped in plastic humans suck
  6. Tolis

    The importance of starting them indoors

    Im making this post because I have seen an experienced keeper suggesting he prefers to start newborns outdoors in secured enclosures. The reasoning behind this is that it's nature's way, real sunlight, exposed to real conditions to develop strong immune system early on, etc. Last summer I lost...
  7. Tolis

    Tortoise choosing to eat the rotten leaves

    My aldabra lives in a jungle of edible plants but I have seen him twice eating dying rotten leaves from a mallow plant. Black disgusting leaves! There's countless green ones within his reach he is not eating rotten ones because they are lower to the ground. Are rotten leaves easier to digest...
  8. Tolis

    Be careful of this plant

    This weed grows everywhere and I had no idea it is so toxic. Thankfully I never fed it to the torts because it stings and makes you itchy so I avoid it when I am picking thisle, mallow and other weeds to feed them. I will search the yard and enclosures tomorrow carefully and remove any sign of...
  9. Tolis

    Bladder stone oil

    A tort shop from indonesia is selling an oil they claim it removes bladder stone. I was surprised to see such a large chunk of stone getting out of that tort! Are there any similar products in the west in case we even need it? Does anyone know any natural remedies to combat bladder stone or...
  10. Tolis

    Helix wheels

    I know other platforms such as youtube and Instagram are not popular amongst many members of this forum so I figured I share this tort profile. It's inspirational and funny at the same time.
  11. Tolis

    Accidentally entered brumation

    As advised, I have replaced the MVB from my greek hatchlings setup with an incandescent. (I think it is flood type, please see attached pics to confirm and let me know if it needs replacement or a hood.) I made the mistake of not providing night heating thinking they are greeks and they are...
  12. Tolis

    Giving advice for illegally kept tortoises

    Ploughshares in China, sea turtles in Pakistan, the uncontrollable market in Indonesia, even in my country that's in EU and forced to adopt EU strict regulations, countless greek tortoises (CITES Appendix I) kept dehydrated in sad enclosures are sold in pet stores for $20 each. It's 2021 but...
  13. Tolis

    Substrate with live plants

    I have come across this substrate design that seems to work well. Living in a dry area, I particularly like the idea of having a moist microclimate available right below the surface. Skip to minute 6:00 for the substrate explanation. Has anyone tried something similar to this? I have no...
  14. Tolis

    My outdoor greeks

    I have bought a pair of greeks (testudo graeca ibera minor asia) 10 years ago. At the time, I didn't even like tortoises, it just didn't feel right seeing the banging their heads on the glass of the tiny fish tank they were kept in. The pet shop owner wanted 60 euros, I kept offering her 40...
  15. Tolis

    Lucifer the Sulcata and his Greek roommates

    This is my indoor hatchling setup. I have 1 sulcata and 10 testudo graeca ibera asia minor sharing a mercury vapor bulb. As you see in the last picture the bulb has burned the plastic a little bit and it gets me worried. It is not just a fire hazard, I assume it also creates unhealthy fumes...
  16. Tolis

    Andromeda (now Marco) the Aldabra Tortoise

    Hello guys and ladies, I am Tolis. I have an account with a random username which I don't like, and since I am a daily lurker on this forum for a few months now, I have created this new one. I am starting this thread for my newly acquired baby Aldabra. From now on and in the future I will be...
  17. Tolis

    Brumation cycles

    Is it ok if you let a greek brumate one winter but put it indoors under a light the next winter? I read somewhere that a guy let his female to brumate so she is fertile next sping. was it just misinformation? Is there anything I should know and look out about brumation?
  18. Tolis

    CITES and microchip for aldabras

    I am trying to import an aldabra from Seychelles and my country's import permit application form has a spot where I must write the animal's tattoo/microchip number. I asked the seller, he gave me a 15 digit number and he says: the vet wants to know which is the best position to insert the chip...
  19. Tolis

    Frame for grazing and sunbathing

    I have a nice pesticide free lawn where I want to bring the hatchlings for some natural sunlight, grazing and exercising. I made this frame (attached picture) that is quite heavy and sinks well in the lawn so the babies can't escape from below. First use and 2 have escaped after leaving them...
  20. Tolis

    Young aldabra outdoor enclosure

    This has been discussed before but unfortunately, most posts are so old the pictures are not available anymore. Some background for intro: I have been daily going back and forth between buying 1 or 2 aldabras. I have read the advantages and disadvantages for both, 1 alone will be shy and...