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    Reptile Basics! A+

    Have to give a glowing review to Reptile Basics… I buy just about everything based on reviews so hope this helps someone. I placed an order with them on a Friday afternoon, my order shipped that very day and was on my doorstep halfway across the country by Monday. Got most lighting gear (minus...
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    Substrate issues

    I’m in Iowa. I’ve called 10 local nurseries and garden stores and can’t find orchid bark. They have the Better Gro brand at Lowes and I have 7, 8 qt bags in my cart for $45 total. Enclosure is 52 1/2” L x 20” W. Is that enough? Cypress mulch is $2 for 2 cu ft/bag which would be the easy choice...
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    Good deal?

    Is this a good deal? Looking for my future Hermanns. I know a higher UV for shorter periods is ideal as it would be outdoors, but I can’t find a 12% UV arcadia bulb. If I can find it I can always switch it out…
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    Plant Identification Books

    Starting to post more often as i’ve finally started purchasing some of the things off of my list for the future tort. I’m excited to take my kids foraging with me (we love being outside!), for edible plants for our future shell baby. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a great plant...
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    Cannot decide on an indoor enclosure!

    I’m new here, but i’ve been lurking for months. I’ve decided on a Hermanns due to my climate (midwest). I have a large backyard for summer months but will need a proper indoor enclosure. I plan to get a tort that is 6 months + . I just have not come across an enclosure I feel is right. I love...
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    David’s Jungle?

    Does anyone have experience ordering a tortoise from David’s Jungle out of Las Vegas? He seems to be raising healthy reptiles and I’m considering getting a Hermann’s tort from him eventually.