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  1. Camade

    My first brumation experience

    Hi all, I thought it would be fun to update on my RT Tatlin a bit! He's about 9 years old, lived on floors for most of his life, but while doing so always had a strong instinct to brumate. The previous owner said that he would walk to a corner in the house and stay there without eating for...
  2. Camade

    When to weight a RT for brumation?

    Hi all! I'm now going torwards my first brumation ever with an about 8-year-old russian tortoise male. He's been very active during the autumn, pooped and urinated regularly and seems all around healthy. His previous owner said that he's been self-starving for two winters, just walked into a...
  3. Camade

    RT skin around cloaca grayer than usual

    Hi all! My russian tortoise Tatlin got to his home at the end of March, and things have been going well for the most part. However, as the summer has been a lot warmer than usual, our appartment has heated a lot - the inside temperature was around 25-26 C for a couple weeks. I tried to keep...
  4. Camade

    Should I first aid trim a bent nail of my russian?

    Hi, a new member and a new tortoise owner, but a tortoise lover for many many years! My dreams came true two days ago as I picked up an around 8-year-old male russian tortoise. He was found from a forest couple years back, and the original owner was never found. His founder decided to give him...