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  1. TeamZissou

    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    The odds of survival are probably not good. This paper discusses administration of Ivermectin to five redfoot tortoises and only one survived. It also likely depends on the dose your tort received. Pancur is usually what is...
  2. TeamZissou

    New and Concerned Pancake owner.

    This looks like it could be MBD. With tortoises you typically see this show up as a drooped carapace along the spine. Curling up of the scutes is typically seen in turtles, but it could probably happen with a pancake as well...
  3. TeamZissou

    Query regarding what a star tortoise should eat or not

    Definitely not. Neither are acceptable tortoise food. Excerpt from the care sheet. Feeding: So much contradictory info on this subject. Its simple. What do they eat in the wild. Grass, weeds, leaves, flowers, and succulents. Feed them a huge variety of these things, and you'll have a healthy...
  4. TeamZissou

    Twerking Radiated Tortoise

    Funny. Have you see them do this before? Or were you just taking a video of the feeding frenzy?
  5. TeamZissou

    Hi new here with a baby greek

    This looks like a marginated tortoise to me. Can you post a photo of the plastron (bottom of the shell)? You can also compare yours to the babies in this thread. Look for the triangular patches instead of splotchy spots...
  6. TeamZissou

    A question regarding a baby Dalmatian Hermann

    I do not understand your description of the pen and other tortoises in the garden. How large of an area is it? Is this a residential area or does it back up to a larger, forested area? Unless you can keep this tortoise long term, it's best to put it back where you found it. It requires a lot of...
  7. TeamZissou

    Is this good calcium for baby hermanns?

    No, it is not. All Repashy products are too high in vitamin A levels to be safe for small tortoises. Avoid it at all costs. There are many companies that have pure calcium carbonate supplements, here's one made by Rep-Cal. With or without D3 doesn't matter much. Make sure you have proper UV...
  8. TeamZissou

    Hello all

    Neat photos and collection Do you keep the sulcata in that tank all the time? It looks it barely has room to turn around.
  9. TeamZissou

    Native Western Painted Turtle in the Wild

    This also means that someone released this cooter, since it's a long way from it's natural range in the southeast.
  10. TeamZissou

    Excellent beak trimmer for small tortoises

    Neat device. It makes a lot of sense. Do you see him eating the coquina? I would expect him to be swallowing pieces whole, instead of chewing them which would wear down the beak. Do you ever see chunks of it in the poop? Do you supplement with calcium powder at all? To me, this is a better...
  11. TeamZissou

    **URGENT** Sleeps all the time, poor appetite

    Is this the same tortoise from your original thread back in November? If so, it sounds like the respiratory infection hasn't gone away after several months. The only thing to do is to see a vet to get an antibiotic named...
  12. TeamZissou

    Redfoot exposing himself.

    I would try Zovick's sugar method to try to get it to go back in: Your tort could be impacted and may be doing this in an effort to make room pass a bladder stone, wood chips or something else he ate. An x-ray might not be...
  13. TeamZissou

    Spotted Turtle Breeding group

    "Black Splotted" and "Indian Splotted" are common names for the same species, Geoclemys hamiltonii, and are often called by the full-blown common name of "Indian black splotted pond turtle." This is also an ESA listed species, meaning that you'd need to buy within your state or have a valid CBW...
  14. TeamZissou


    I would say this is a regular dalmatian, not a hybrid. It has missing inguinal scutes and the overall plastron looks the same as in Chris' comparison post: You can also check for the 'green heart' on the top of the...
  15. TeamZissou

    This ok?

    Like with food items at the grocery store, the front of the package is mainly advertising. You need to look at the back for the actual ingredients. In this case, you need to scroll down a bit further. It say that it's "100% organic coir fiber."
  16. TeamZissou

    Sex of 4 inch Hermann

    I would say male.
  17. TeamZissou

    Is this normal for a 3 toe box turtle?

    It most likely is MBD. It shows up differently in turtles vs. tortoises. In tortoises, we usually see a dip in the top of the shell, whereas in turtles the marginal scutes turn up. There are a few photos on these pages:
  18. TeamZissou

    Is this normal for a 3 toe box turtle?

    Your turtle may also be deformed due to malnutrition. Box turtles do best eating quite a bit of protein in the form of live food. Have you had the turtle since 2018, and has it eaten only fruit the entire time? Your food list doesn't reference any live food such as earth worms, which they love...
  19. TeamZissou

    New to Turtles. Trying to find reputable shops and/or breeders. Is there a list?

    What you are referring to is called the "four-inch law." It doesn't apply to hobbyists, so no need to worry about it. Sellers often put it in their ads nonetheless. There is a vendor review section on the forum you can check out.
  20. TeamZissou

    New to Turtles. Trying to find reputable shops and/or breeders. Is there a list?

    Welcome. That does seem like a hard species to source. I have never heard of the store you linked. Turtles and tortoises . com has them from time to time. I also do not know how reputable they are, but they advertise here on the forum. You may need to contact them to see if they have any eggs...