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  1. TylerStewart

    Facebook giveaway contest!

    We have started doing periodic giveaway contests on our facebook page to anyone that has purchased a tortoise in the past from us. The last contest only ended up with 21 entries, I think, and the winner got a box full of tortoise stuff probably worth almost $100, shipped free. We are trying to...
  2. TylerStewart

    Raven Warning

    Saw a thread earlier about birds being a problem or not, but figured I'd post this as a new thread rather than a reply to that (which was a few weeks old) so it was a little more visible. Probably a month ago, I bought a few Southern Ibera Greeks from a breeder we all know in the Northeast. I...
  3. TylerStewart

    Big Shipping Cost Reduction!

    Our shipping options on the website in the past week has been a little chaotic, offering sometimes 12 different shipping options while we were doing some work in the background. For those of you that maneuvered through that in the last couple of days, I apologize, there was a purpose, and it's...
  4. TylerStewart

    Pet Expo OC Next Weekend!

    Come see us next weekend April 27-29 in Costa Mesa, CA at the America's Family Pet Expo! It's an all animals show; there's dog areas, cat areas, birds and fish, but there is a reptile specific building there as well. We've got a nice selection (for April) of tortoises going with us, and a ton of...
  5. TylerStewart

    Wanted: Male Cherryhead

    We are a little light on males in our cherryhead group, and I'm hoping to add a male 9"+ this winter some time. Please email me pics and prices of any that might be available to [email protected] I can help with shipping (send you a box and a return label, etc). Thanks!
  6. TylerStewart

    Looking for adult male sulcata in Las Vegas

    A friend of mine here in Las Vegas has been looking for an adult male sulcata just to have as a pet, and has been unable to find one. I don't have any I can spare. He's on 5 acres outside of town and is set up well for it. He's not opposed to paying for a pretty one. He's got horses and lots of...
  7. TylerStewart now listing many individual tortoises

    We have started adding individually photographed tortoises to the site for people to choose their exact tortoise (example photos below). We have a long, long way to go (hopefully a lot of progress will be made in the next week), and we will never be able to list 100% of them, but we'll be adding...
  8. TylerStewart now shipping with USPS

    I worked way past my bedtime last night working on adding USPS as a shipping option to our site software. I think I have worked out the kinks and it seems to be working (the first USPS order just came in). This will be a huge price reduction for small orders like seeds, for example. A small...
  9. TylerStewart

    $15 Overnight Shipping This Weekend!

    $15 tortoise shipping this weekend! All tortoise orders will ship UPS Next Day Air for just $15! Use coupon code "Ship15" during checkout, and the normal $34.95 shipping will be reduced to just $15! Expires Sunday night! *Does not include tortoises shipped today for...
  10. TylerStewart

    Tortoise Supply Auctions on Facebook

    We are doing Wednesday auctions on Facebook at this page (click the image above, or link below). This is a great opportunity to grab some of the most common items we sell at discounted prices (within the 48 states). Check it out if you are on Facebook! Tortoise Supply Auctions
  11. TylerStewart

    Tortoise Supply Auctions on Facebook

    We are going to start doing one day per week Facebook auctions on a sister page, Tortoise Supply Auctions. They will be posted throughout the day on Wednesday every few hours, and the bidding will close on them all at 9 PM Pacific time Wednesday nights (the rest of the week, we won't bother...
  12. TylerStewart

    Looking to Trade Tortoises or Supplies for Beekeeping Equipment

    That's right, strange, I know, but I've been teasing the idea of getting some hives together, and need a lot of stuff for it (everything), including the bees and queens in the spring. I'm assuming out there somewhere, there's someone with a big pile of bee keeping stuff that they don't use or...
  13. TylerStewart

    Russian Tortoises $75

    We are heavily loaded with Russian tortoises at the moment, so we dropped the price down to $75 for males to help thin us out a bit. Shipping remains an ultra-low $34.95. In the unlikely event that anything at all goes wrong in transit, we guarantee everything (delays, weather, cold, heat, we...
  14. TylerStewart

    Looking for help at the Repticon Costa Mesa Show

    We have a booth at the Repticon Costa Mesa show this weekend to promote the Las Vegas Reptile Expo (which is next month), and we are looking for someone local to that area that can help force flyers on the passerbys and tell them about the upcoming reptile expo in Vegas (I can explain all that...
  15. TylerStewart

    New Tortoise Supply T-Shirts!

    We have a new batch of shirts ready to ship out! We have them in three colors: green, orange and black, with the "Tortoise & Hare" logo on the rear, and the classic "Splatter" on front. They are cheap, shipping is cheap, and let's be honest, very few people have a shirt this cool in their...
  16. TylerStewart

    WANTED: Male Dalmatians Tortoise (or two)

    We are looking for an extra male or two Dalmatians hermanns (formerly hercegovinensis). Our main dalmatian group (below) is light on males. We need to know they are pure, so I need photos top and bottom, origin, and ideally, no inguinal scutes ahead of the rear legs (most dalmatians are lacking...
  17. TylerStewart

    Shipping Cost Reduction

    We recently added FedEx SmartPost to our site for non-live shipments. This is where we ship out with FedEx, but the USPS takes over halfway through the process and handles the actual delivery to you. This process cuts about $3 out of every shipment, and unfortunately, adds...
  18. TylerStewart

    Marion Zoological "Mozaic" Tortoise Food

    We are now carrying two sizes of Marion food, the 1/8" pellets as well as the standard biscuits. It's $15.95 for either size in a 2 pound bag (packaged by Marion). Click Here to order. Mozaic Reptile Food is a complete formulated diet for omnivorous and herbivorous reptiles, such as...
  19. TylerStewart

    Turkish Ibera Greek For Sale

    I have this "spare" male from a group I got a month or so ago (it was even pairs, and I didn't need a 1 to 1 ratio of males and females). He was imported probably around 2006, so he's a very long term captive, doing great and heavy. He's very dark and isn't something you see every day in the...
  20. TylerStewart

    Looking for Egyptians

    We are looking to add some Egyptians to our collection, wanting all sizes, both sexes, etc. Please e-mail photos, price, your location and any other relevant info to [email protected] I'd like to buy as many as possible from a few sources (rather than one each from a dozen sources) for...