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    Who else makes their own dogs food?

    My nephew Ben (a mini Schnauser) also suffers from bowl trauma. He will only eat his dry food if you put a pile of it on the floor & sit with him while he eats. Fortunately he doesn't have the digestive problems & is not a picky eater. But he doesn't stop barking until the ritual begins when...
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    Reminds me of an underground parking lot. Sleeping in the middle is not as secure as up against a wall? This is just fascinating. Thank you for posting!!
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    Abandoned slider in residential area… Shell Rot?

    Wow!! Welcome to the forum. I love that your patience & your kind heart worked towards improving the RES's outcome. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Sh-h-h-h. . . Don't tell anyone. . .

    Happy Birthday, Maggie!! Let 'er rip!!
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    Should I be worried about this

    He is way too cute. Lookin' good!!
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    New Member

    What a cutie. Welcome to the forum & congratulations!
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    Hi all! Does my adopted Russian tort look healthy? 👋

    Congratulations & welcome to the forum!!
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    Hope you come out of the visit "unscathed." So yeah, Good Luck!! Great photos!!
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    . You have to be a determined, fearless male or you're really fast! Great photos!!
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    They are so gorgeous!! How many are there & what are their age ranges? Is there a peckng order to how they hang out in the shade like that? Just wow!!
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    Lady Hermann not her usual self

    I am so sorry. Please don't blame yourself. It is so hard to know what's wrong & how to fix Pete or all of our animals. He is or will be no longer in pain. And that's what matters.
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    It's so strange to hear you talk about the onset of fall when we're talking about spring here in the States. We finally had a day with not much wind in Oklahoma when it's been 2 solid weeks "of they're blowing the air out of Kleenex at the factory" (a late 50's or early 60's ad on tv about how...
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    RETURN OF THE HERD First sighting: March 18 2022

    Maybe Tilly isn't a she OR she just said "no way". Welcome back. It's been a while in between stories. And from here a windy spring. Today I just saw my 2nd turtle of the spring while walking. We had a little chat & I continued on. While I was in Colorado, I would count rabbits out on my...
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    In Memoriam

    Our animals for many of us keep us going in tough times 'cause you have to get up & feed them, walk them, clean up after them. They invade your heart so Angela, I know what you mean & I'm so sorry for your loss. We had to put our big Maine coon cat down 2 weeks ago, who suddenly went into...
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    Are you aware that their lungs are underneath their top shell & you're stressing them out if not risking suffocation by placing them on their backs? I luv photos, but please don't put them on their backs.
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    She is interesting because she's been queen & a mother for so many yrs. What horrible conflicts for any woman to get thru & still have her wits about her. And I always liked her mom who was definitely a hoot. A badly written news headline yesterday made it sound like the "Queen Mother...
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    Finally adopted an adult Sonoran Desert Tortoise

    Congrats!! And welcome!!
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    what is my turtle’s type?

    The photo looks like his plastron is dirty. Washing it off & posting a new photo would be helpful.
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    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    That face!! Like he didn't like today's menu or you're late w/dinner again!!
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    Hi!! Maybe with the weather turning towards warmer temps, we will feel "wild & crazy." Right now, I just feel crazed.