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    Quick, getting big 🐢
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    Quick, catching some rays 😎
  3. Quick

    3 year old Leopard

    Beautiful tortoise! Thank you for sharing these pictures :-) I agree with the other comments here … I also have a Leopard, also 3 years old (and assumed female) and she’s also a big girl. Prior to moving her into her new, larger enclosure, she became very destructive. This behave has ceased...
  4. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    Cheers @vladimir … it was definitely a labour of love! ?
  5. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    I can do that, thank you for the recommendations Tom … hanging plants is an excellent suggestion! I hadn’t considered that. It definitely needs a little more finishing touches ?
  6. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    Very kind, thank you ?
  7. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    Ah yes! Thank you so much for bringing this up … I got so waylaid with my post that I forgot to ask my questions ? One of them being how to protect and cover the chipboard. So thank you! Is there a particular prime and paint you would recommend? One that is animal friendly. I still have her old...
  8. Quick

    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    Hi Tortoise Community, The time has come for my little Quick, who is fast becoming big Quick, to leave home ? She had outgrown her closed chamber and was in need of an upgrade. I was considering the idea of using a grow tent (some of the examples on this forum are excellent) but whilst...
  9. Quick

    Subspecies & is my tort a fatty?!

    Mine does exactly the same!! Honestly, she’s super greedy (assuming mine is female here but of course we don’t know!) and she would eat all day long if I let her … I agree with the comments. All tortoises grow at different rates so please don’t worry - we obviously have two very greedy Leopards...
  10. Quick

    Mazuri mad

    I had read that, but I never believed it until I actually fed it to her. It’s crazy! Im guessing yours are the same? ?
  11. Quick

    Mazuri mad

    Honestly, Quick absolutely LOVES mazuri. It’s insane. Check out that face ?
  12. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    That means a lot. Thank you!! I’ve been regimented maintaining correct humidity and temps, and she’s not missed a bath since I got her ?? fortunately she really enjoys them
  13. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    Haha!! True ?? “she’s” incredibly dominant too ?
  14. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    Thank you so much ? and yes, you’re correct. She is a Leopard
  15. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    That’s very kind, thank you. I’m very pleased with her (... I say “her”. I don’t have a clue yet!) ?
  16. Quick

    A ‘Quick’ Update

    I can’t believe how quickly Quick is growing. She has such a lovely personality too, and seems really happy. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Keep safe all ?
  17. Quick

    The Tortoise Who Lost His Shell

    Hi all, I hope every one is keeping safe and well during these times ? I‘ve written a children’s book which I thought I would share with you all ... It’s called “The Tortoise Who Lost His Shell” and, as the title suggest, it’s about a little tortoise who loses his shell. He is saved by the...
  18. Quick

    Growing up so fast

    He’s so handsome! You’re clearly doing a great job raising him - thanks for sharing ?
  19. Quick

    Weird Feeding Behavior

    I’m really sorry, I have nothing productive to add to your queries (but I hope you find some answers to your concerns) but I have to say ... that is one of the cutest tortoise pics I’ve EVER seen ??? S/he’s adorable!!
  20. Quick

    Beautiful Leo

    Wow! Incredible markings ??