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  1. Rithvik

    Possible Sickness

    Hi, So I have been experiencing this ever since I got my Indian star and its worrying me. So the thing is my star has a weird habit of opening his mouth when his scared (for example when I pick him up) like a way of gasping or something. I thought it was something tortoises do. Today I fed him...
  2. Rithvik

    Help my Star tortoise can't open one of its eye

    My tortoise was doing fine in its new enclosure until some of the dirt went in its eye. I tried to clean it off with a tissue and still didn't work. I soak it in Luke warm water and it maybe worked? When I got back from school I went to feed it some coriander and it woke up with only one eye...
  3. Rithvik

    Watery poop and always pooping

    hello there! I just got a star tortoise a week ago and it was doing fine until, it starting pooping "SUPER OFTEN" and it is watery. we usually feed him hibiscus leaves morning and coriander in afternoon and cucumber in dinner time. What can I do?